Can Video Make You Healthier? We Think So.

By Welltok Marketing

According to comScore, people in the U.S. watch 1.2 billion videos online every day. Yes, many of them are cat videos – we’ll grant you that. Even so, we know that videos have the power to make us laugh or cry, or even motivate us to take action.

Here at Welltok, we’re leveraging the power of video to give consumers the extra support they may need to be as healthy as they can be.

We recently released a new Video Coaching feature on our CaféWell Health Optimization Platform.

Now, CaféWell users can connect with one of our health and wellness coaches in live, interactive online video sessions. Video coaching has been proven to be an effective method to provide the personal guidance consumers need to stay on track toward health goals – whether they’re trying to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress or manage a condition, like diabetes.

These personal video coaching sessions can be held in different formats. Coaches can broadcast video to multiple members in group sessions, with real-time chat for Q&A. And soon we’ll have the ability to host individual sessions, where members can connect with coaches in a secure two-way video chat.

We think this is a big deal for consumer health. It provides the reassurance that there is a partner in a consumer’s journey to health optimization.

Check it out for yourself. Schedule a demo of our new Video Coaching capabilities today.