From WSJ: The Office Walk-and-Talk is Genius

By Welltok Marketing

In last week’s Wall Street Journal the benefits of walking meetings were highlighted. We are a big fan of walking meetings here at Welltok and are “walking the talk” when promoting our health optimization mission.

Here are some tips from the article that we didn’t want you to miss:  

How to walk the talk: And the calorie count:
  • Limit meetings to two or three people
  • Set a time target, such as 30 minutes
  • Go at a speed comfortable for all
  • Let your boss know so it doesn’t look
  • like a walk in the park
  • Walking burns an average of 56 calories
  • Standing burns 22 calories
  • Sitting at a laptop burns 20 calories

We caught Coach Carrie after one of her walking meetings for tips on how to squeeze physical activity into your work day. Are you a fan of the walking meeting too? Share a picture of your team on the move @Welltok.

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