Stepping it Up: 5 Million Steps and Counting

By Welltok Marketing

Meet Barb. Barb is one of our dedicated and enthusiastic CaféWell members. At 55, this insurance director is not slowing down! This summer, she hit a personal milestone of 5 million steps (and counting).

We caught up with this power walker from Pennsylvania for an interview. Check out how she’s optimizing her health and found her stride with CaféWell.

How did you begin using CaféWell?
CaféWell was initiated by my healthcare insurer in November 2011 and I’ve been using it ever since. I found it very informative and supportive – the communities, the coaches and overall program were all very helpful. I’ve even interacted with others in hopes my comments would motivate them.

What steps do you take to achieve your goals?
I still do walking challenges weekly. Meeting those personal goals and wearing a fitness tracker helps keep me on track and motivated. I also follow different bloggers and try different activities – staying active, watching what I’m eating – all the things that pertain to living a healthy lifestyle.

What results have you experienced?
Well, I definitely hit a goal with 5 million steps! CaféWell has helped me firm up, and I’ve lost 10 pounds using the program. I’ve upped my walking, which my dog also contributes to.

Any motivating words to share to with fellow members?
It’s not just about the prizes or rewards, although those help as an extra incentive. You know what you want to do with your body and are capable of accomplishing. Do it for you!

Thanks for sharing Barb and congratulations. We look forward to taking the next 5 million steps with you!

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