The 411 on CaféWell Concierge powered by Watson

By Welltok Marketing

This week, we are in the heart of NYC’s Silicon Alley at the IBM Watson at Scale Event, debuting the early adopter version of CaféWell Concierge powered by IBM Watson.

Here’s the 411 about the health concierge coming soon to your back pocket.

Let’s Get Personal.
Healthcare is not one size fits all – and we get that. Enter CafeWell Concierge.

With CaféWell Concierge powered by IBM Watson, we’re bringing a new level of personalization to healthcare that has never been done before. The foundation is Welltok’s CaféWell health optimization platform that guides and incentives consumers to optimize their health. Now power it with IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology, natural language processing and spatial and temporal intelligence for on-demand guidance. The CaféWell Concierge app provides consumers with dynamic, personalized recommendations to support their health goals – empowering them to make healthier choices anytime, anywhere.

Developing Outside of the Box
How does one code a cognitive app? The answer is simple – you don’t.

We are training CaféWell Concierge by ingesting massive volumes of data and content, and constantly testing it. This requires a new and different skill set then traditional app development. Welltok engineers are consistently looking outside of the box and bringing in various content sources, use cases, etc. A coded application could not support mass personalization, it requires a more sophisticated technology to handle multi-user, simultaneous queries and provide real-time personalize responses.

How to Train a Dragon
CaféWell Concierge continuously learns and refines recommendations based on users’ interests, activities, feedback, motivations, health status, available benefits, etc. It can process large volumes (and we mean volumes!) of data to intelligently match actions & behaviors with incentives/rewards for individuals – providing a unique experience for each individual.

Watch the CaféWell Concierge unboxing video here: