What Healthcare Can Learn from Sesame Street (video)

By Welltok Marketing

Better than a TED talk
Partner, build or buy is a dilemma that many senior leaders face with technology these days. 

In his 10 minute TED talk-style session at the recent Digital Health Summit, Brian Garcia channels Burt and Ernie as he provides firsthand experience on when to pull the trigger on partnering versus building or buying a technology solution.

In his session, Brian discusses:

  • A fundamental flaw that contributes to project failure
  • Finding a fruitful balance for the fortress of preservation and the tribes of innovation
  • The two big takeaways from his time as a health plan CTO

As Welltok's new Chief Product and Technology Officer and a former health plan CTO, Brian has been on both sides of the coin. He understands the factors you need to consider to make the right decision for your business, while still keeping a competitive edge.

Tune in below for his session and read more on the topic in this Build vs Partner Guide co-authored by Brian.