What Only Digital Health Engagement Experts Know, and You Need To…

By Welltok Marketing

Let’s be honest, consumers don’t define themselves by their disease. So, how are you going to get them to manage it? Enter, innovative digital health solutions that are making it easy, convenient and even fun to manage conditions like diabetes, asthma and hypertension.

Hundreds of senior executives tuned in to this recent webinar, "How'd They Do That?", to hear firsthand how digital health innovators Zipongo, the American Heart Association, Wildflower Health and Canary Health are getting consumers engaged with digital health.

The webinar panelists had a lively discussion about how to reach and engage today's health consumers. They also traded tips and shared learnings from their successful consumer engagement programs. 

We summarized the top 4 tips for you below, but make sure to watch the webinar replay to hear what these digital health engagement experts want all population health managers to know!  

Top Consumer Engagement Tips from our Digital Health Experts: 

Pat_Dunn.pngPat Dunn
Manager, Connected Health Health Programs, American Heart Association

Most individual digital health programs forget that many people are dealing with multiple conditions. Make it easy for users to find the information they need that might be relevant to all the health issues they're dealing with. Integration is key to support the 'whole' person versus just one condition. 

Leah_Sparks.pngLeah Sparks
Co-founder & CEO, Wildflower Health

Don't make assumptions about demographics and a group's level of technology use. We were surprised to find that 70-80% of our pregnant Medicaid woman have smartphones. They may be lower end phones that we've had to optimize for a bit, but we almost missed a huge opportunity to impact a population that is interested in and eager for our services. 

Adam_Kaufman.pngAdam Kaufman, Ph.D
President & CEO, Canary Health

Engagement is much more than enrollment. You need to think about it across the entire funnel - from understanding who your population is and identifying them to promoting the programs you care about to driving participation and keeping people activated and retained. Thinking about who the member is, what matters to them, how you message them and how you learn about them should permeate everything you do.

Jason_Langheier.pngJason Langheier, MD, MPH
Founder & CEO, Zipongo

Consumer businesses have many opportunities to test and learn before a campaign goes live. They can optimize an email's subject line or the a text message until it's just right. That's difficult to do in an enterprise setting with a fixed population. Find a matched cohort in a consumer setting and test your campaigns with a population that looks like your population before you go live with the real thing. 

Want to learn more? Watch a replay of the webinar here!