Putting the Human Back into Healthcare: A Behind the Scenes Look with Humana

How Humana Keeps Prevention Front and Center During the Pandemic

By Welltok Marketing

4 Tips for Navigating the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Waters

The White House’s COVID-19 Action Plan has sparked a lot of discussion about vaccine mandates. For some unvaccinated individuals, they will be the nudge needed to get the shot. For others, like the staff who walked off the job forcing a New York hospital to shut down its maternity services, it won’t necessarily help. Navigating these murky mask mandate waters is hard; so what can companies do to enforce the policy while also retaining employees and keeping operations running?

By Jeff Yoshimura

AllWays Health Partners is Building a VIP Member Experience

How a Digital-First Approach to Onboarding Members Can Establish Brand Loyalty

Member expectations are at an all-time high, and with healthcare consumerism on the rise, people are willing to shop around and switch plans if they aren’t happy. Innovative plans like AllWays Health Partners are aware of this risk and are going on the offense.

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Break the Cycle: Addressing Pandemic-Driven Mental Illness and Substance Use

Editor's Note: At Welltok, we’ve curated a stellar ecosystem of Connect Partners that cover the full spectrum of health and wellbeing, from condition management to mental health and nutrition support. One of our partners, Workit Health, is a telemedicine company that focuses on affordable and sustainable addiction care. In this Workit Health guest blog post, you’ll get a glimpse of how they’re helping to eradicate the stigma around mental health and addiction — plus a call to action for employers to better support their populations.

By Workit Health

CMS Final Rules of 2022: Did You See the New Maternal Morbidity Measure?

The CMS Final Rules for 2022 were recently released and include a new Maternal Morbidity measure. The new measure requires hospitals to report participation in quality improvement (QI) initiatives to improve perinatal health - and penalizes those who don’t report on all required QI measures with a one-fourth reduction in their annual payment.

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Cut Workers’ Fear of COVID-19 Vaccines with These 4 Strategies

Employers across the country are navigating a perfect storm; COVID-19 cases are spiking while leaders are focused on getting employees back to worksites safely, all on the cusp of flu season. Whether you are mandating all employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, working on how to promote booster shots or ramping up for your flu program, you can address vaccine hesitancy by leveraging data, incentives and multi-channel communications. Check out the below article from Welltok's senior campaign strategist, Jessy Ceruto, for a breakdown of 4 strategies that will increase vaccine rates.

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