6 Tips for Remote Managing Teams from WFH Veterans

Like many organizations, Welltok has satellite offices around the nation and executives who are accustomed to managing team members remotely. You might already have a few best practices for managing remote employees under normal circumstances, but many people are working from home now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. This creates new challenges for leadership – like juggling homeschool on top of their day job AND keeping their teams engaged and productive. In the spirit of collaboration, here are six tips that Welltok’s People Team compiled internally from its work from home (WFH) veterans to help managers manage during these difficult times.

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6 Tips for COVID-19 Communication Campaigns

We realize COVID-19 is top of mind for your organization right now as you work to mobilize communications and resources to the individuals you serve. Welltok has been in the business of connecting and communicating with consumers about resources and benefits available to them for over a decade. There are few organizations as well-positioned as Welltok to provide the technology, capabilities and expertise necessary to reach and educate large populations about COVID-19.

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Yes, Women Have Heart Attacks Too (But The Symptoms Can Be Different)

You’re feeling sick to your stomach, dizzy, tired and a bit breathless. You think you’re coming down with the flu. That’s one possibility. But—if you’re a woman—did you know you might be having a heart attack? And, if you’re like many women, you’ll misdiagnose these symptoms – which are actually signs of heart attacks in females.

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PSA: Relationships matter, and not just on Feb 14

While the upcoming Hallmark holiday spotlights a person’s romantic relationship status, relationships of all types have a significant impact on a person’s health 365 days a year.

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GenXers Want Less Stress, More Well-Being Support

Half of GenXers have considered jumping ship because of work stress and recent news reports show that retaining these workers is a growing concern. What can employers do about it?

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5 Tips for Creating the Best Welcome Call for Your Members

With over a decade of experience working with Medicare Advantage plans, Welltok knows a thing or two about helping build a better member experience.

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