4 Ways to Make Your Employee Wellbeing Initiatives More Inclusive

Making sure ALL your employees feel supported, seen and appreciated is a growing priority for HR leaders and benefits teams. The key to achieving this is by offering personalized, relevant resources that align with creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Breaking it Down: Oncology Nutrition Support

Malnutrition is a frequent problem among cancer patients, but many side effects from chemotherapy or radiation can be mitigated through targeted nutritional interventions and self-management. Unfortunately, the dietitian shortage means that only 20% of patients receive the support of an oncology-credentialed registered dietitian to receive deeply personalized evidence-based nutritional strategies to help them manage their symptoms.

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Majority (78%) Say COVID-19 Elevated Importance of Wellbeing Benefits and Support

To capture user feedback on Welltok's platform value and experience, we surveyed more than 2,600 adults. Over half reported that their needs have changed over the course of the pandemic, AND 3 out of 4 expect access to a personalized wellbeing platform. Read on for the survey highlights. 

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5 Takeaways from Business Group on Health and Fidelity about Wellbeing Programs after COVID-19

For 12 years the Business Group on Health and Fidelity Investments have reliably conducted the industry-defining survey on employer wellbeing trends and investments. The findings offer not only insights about what’s changed, but also what employers should be planning on addressing in the future. This year’s insights have been highly anticipated because they reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Saying Goodbye to Mystery Rx Costs Will Boost Member Engagement

Editor's Note:
At Welltok, we’ve curated a stellar ecosystem of Connect Partners that cover the full spectrum of health and wellbeing, from condition management to mental health to fertility benefits. One of our newest partners, Rx Savings Solutions, is a web-based software solution that fully integrates within the benefit design to provide pharmacy transparency, drive member engagement and help alleviate confusion over cost and options. In this RxSS guest blog post, you’ll see a glimpse of how they are staying on top of new CMS transparency regulations to continue offering health plans and their members high quality care.

By Rx Savings Solutions

Leveling Up Your Health Plan Member Retention Strategy

We recently sat down with Welltok's Matt Schaeffer, a former health plan marketing strategist, to break down what health plans should be doing to retain members in a post-COVID world. Catch the video and full interview below.

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