10,000 Reasons Why Engaging Seniors Matters

By Welltok Marketing

There are 10,000 reasons why engaging the consumers in this market matters, according to Jim Fields, Oliver Wyman partner and Medicare expert.

Medicare Advantage members represent approximately $10,000 in revenue per member, per year. And, since they are likely to be a client for multiple years, it’s incredibly valuable to be able to attract and retain MA members. It also makes finding ways to engage these members while you’re carrying these costs a top priority.

Hundreds of executives tuned in to hear Jim discuss how to engage seniors in a 30-minute webinar: Managing Medicare to Your Advantage. Jim’s mini-master class included how a successful consumer engagement strategy for seniors can improve Star scores, increase loyalty and retention and optimize risk adjustment. 

Here are 2 key takeaways
Jim’s consumer success formula for Medicare Advantage:
Functionality X emotional appeal X economics = magnetic member engagement  

And, 5 ways technology can improve Star scores, which you can view and share in this quick infographic.

Want more? Listen to the webinar replay to hear how to engage seniors in good health.