4 Award-Winning Consumer Activation Programs

By Welltok Marketing

We recently shared thought-provoking insight from Welltok's Chairman and CEO, Jeff Margolis, on the term "engagement" and how so many in the consumer health industry are using the wrong metrics for success. The only metric that really matters is getting an individual to take a recommended action that improves or sustains their health and wellbeing. [Read Jeff's thoughts here]

Sounds great, but how do you activate consumers to get involved in their health? Where do you start?

To give you inspiration, here is a roll up of 4 clients who stole the show with their award-winning strategies and results when it came to new, innovative ways to activate consumers and employees.

  • Best Quality and Retention Initiatives Program goes to this national top payer who generated over $9 million ROI annually upon improving quality measures (including HEDIS and key Star initiatives) and medication adherence with a reduction in manual interventions. Since the partnership, Welltok has delivered over 500 million targeted communications by leveraging consumer data, advanced analytics, and multi-channel communications. In addition to the $9 million in annual ROI, the client has seen a 41% completion of Rx refills, a 20% call volume reduction in their Rx call center, and a $96 average cost saving per member who completed at-home screening kits. 
  • Best Unified Experience for Health, Wellbeing and Benefit Programs goes to this Fortune 100 tech giant who leverages Welltok's consumer activation platform to increase employee engagement in health, wellbeing and benefit programs. Welltok's platform has simplified the user experience and helped the client increase engagement by using incentives and analytics-driven personalization. As a result, the client has seen a 390% increase in average monthly usage of digital health, wellbeing and benefit assets for employees with HSAs, $2.1M in medical cost savings, a 76% program adoption rate, and the highest employee health engagement rates in over a decade.
  • Best Multi-Channel Engagement Program goes to this regional health plan who is using personalized and bilingual SMS text messaging to effectively target and communicate with their hard-to-reach Medicaid members around condition management. The program drove sustained engagement while increasing loyalty, retention, and healthy behaviors. The client has seen significant results with this difficult to engage population including a 76% reach rate with 80% of members staying engaged with the weekly text program over the 52-week period.
  • Best Personalized Digital Wellbeing Program goes to this leading regional hospital who utilizes our digital wellbeing platform to engage their 22,000 associates. With personalized rewards, incentives and effective communication campaigns, the hospital has created a culture of health that resembles the healthy behaviors they often promote. With 75% of their eligible population being registered, the program continues to produce successful outcomes like 82% of members completing health risk assessments and 81% of members completing a biometric screenings.