4 Ways to Make Your Employee Wellbeing Initiatives More Inclusive

By Welltok Marketing

Making sure ALL your employees feel supported, seen and appreciated is a growing priority for HR leaders and benefits teams. The key to achieving this is by offering personalized, relevant resources that align with creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

As experts in employee engagement, here are 4 ways Welltok is helping organizations create more DEI-friendly wellbeing initiatives:

1. Using Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) insights to understand diverse needs
As COVID demonstrated, minorities have faced disproportionate health and economic impacts. The types of resources, benefits and messages people will respond to vary based on a whole host of data points like ethnicity, household composition, home or car ownership. Welltok uses our consumer database, including SDOH insights, predictive analytics and population assessments to better identify and offer the programs that your diverse population needs VS. general benefits that check the boxes.

Proof point: Over 60% of LGBTQ+ people planning families expect to use assisted reproductive technology, foster care, or adoption to become parents. You can help them gain access to these resources with a more inclusive benefits program.

2. Making it easy to offer a broader array of highly focused resources
A one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing support is no longer going to cut it. By offering benefits that may serve a smaller segment of your population, you are making them feel seen and valued. Welltok helps streamline the process by vetting high-quality programs and making it easy to offer a diverse set of benefits with utilization-based pricing. This pay per use option allows organizations to offer more niche programs.

Proof point: Our 50+ hand-selected Connect Partners cover the full spectrum of health and wellbeing resources to address specific needs, like providing racial trauma support or offering culturally relevant nutrition resources. Our ecosystem help ensure you offer employees the right resources for your people’s unique needs.

3. Addressing inequalities in how people get information
Not everyone works behind a desk, so you need different ways to make sure all employees can easily find and use resources. With a variety of channels - like email, text, and automated calls (IVR) - you can break through the noise and make sure everyone has equal access to programs.

Proof point: Did you know that you can boost the performance of your outreach by up to 300% when you use 4 or more channels? Welltok’s experts can help you create campaigns with multiple touchpoints over an extended period to maximize reach and engagement with your programs.

4. Supporting an inclusive culture by promoting and rewarding participation in DEI training programs
Internal education and cultural change are important aspects for organizations looking to be more inclusive. Creating a single destination to access benefits as well as company training programs support a more holistic DEI approach. For example, some companies are achieving higher completion rates (20-40%) for training and development programs by making them easily accessible and rewardable.

Proof point: Welltok offers employees DEI training, consulting, and resources year-round. Our HR team runs mandatory trainings each year, and the recent “Unity in Diversity” course received positive feedback and strong employee participation (92% and climbing!).

Support DEI initiatives with a personalized wellbeing program. Let’s talk.

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