6 Tips for COVID-19 Communication Campaigns

By Welltok Marketing

We realize COVID-19 is top of mind for your organization right now as you work to mobilize communications and resources to the individuals you serve. Welltok has been in the business of connecting and communicating with consumers about resources and benefits available to them for over a decade. There are few organizations as well-positioned as Welltok to provide the technology, capabilities and expertise necessary to reach and educate large populations about COVID-19.

For the past few weeks, we have been partnering with our health plan, hospital and employer clients across the nation to effectively and efficiently deploy multi-channel communications with critical updates, prevention tips and more. Based on growing need and demand, we created a dedicated COVID-19 communications offering that you can learn about here.

As a public service, we wanted to share our best practices that may help to you deliver clear and targeted communication during these turbulent times:   

  • TOPICS: Create campaigns dedicated to 1) prevention, 2) risk management and mitigation, 3) emergency preparedness, and 4) managing utilization. While COVID-19 specific news may be priority, we recommend to also communicate with individuals about managing chronic conditions, adhering to medications, and supporting total wellbeing to keep people healthy and out of clinics. 
  • OUTREACH: Leverage multiple channels to rapidly deploy important information and updates. For example, interactive voice response (IVR) and SMS text messaging are a scalable ways to share updates and engage with your community.
  • CONTENT: Use authentic, localized and language-specific voice talent for IVR campaigns as computerized recordings will feel generic and disconnected. Tailor communications for high-risk groups to increase relevancy and engagement.
  • DATA: leverage both clinical and social determinants of health data (e.g., demographic, income level, household composition) to identify and target high-risk individuals and those with critical needs.
  • RESOURCES: Provide germ-free “handshake” links (aka proactive recommendations) when possible to connect people with available resources like hotlines and EAP programs - mental health is especially important with high stress levels and social distancing.
  • PRIVACY & SECURITY: Any partner you work with must be HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified to ensure that all messaging meets applicable standards for data security, privacy and legal compliance. 

Read more about Welltok’s COVID-19 communications offering here. We welcome the opportunity to support you and your organization. Be well and stay healthy.