6 Tips to Avoid Being a Monday Morning Quarterback

By Welltok Marketing

As a company that has developed an award-winning consumer engagement platform, and now shares our hometown with the Super Bowl 50 champions, the Denver Broncos, we know how to score a touchdown with consumers.

Here are 6 tips from Silverlink's VP of Engagement Sciences, Kathleen Ellmore, to make sure you don't wind up playing Monday morning quarterback like the Panthers - looking back at what plays you should have run differently.

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1. Capture program engagement data at the individual level. Then, use that information to design even more personalized and relevant programs for members. One Northwest insurer used data to help identify consumers for a medication adherence program, by understanding who would be most receptive to their efforts. 

2. Collect member preferences and then use them. If a member prefers to be contacted by email, mail, phone, text, etc., make sure you honor that preference. A four year study recently published by Kaiser found that members with a chronic condition prefer their first contact with their doctor be via email.

3. Target members on topics that are relevant to them. For example, don't send a screening reminder if that screening already took place. Recently the Boston Globe reported on a 6 year old who was asked by her health plan to stop smoking to “better manage her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She does not have that disease. Nor, of course, does she smoke.” 

4. Run A/B tests to find out if consumers react better to a gentle nudge or a sharp directive. This particularly works well when it comes to unpleasant, but necessary tests, like a mammogram or a colorectal screening. Insights from Silverlink, a Welltok company, shows that adopting the rigor and discipline of regular A/B testing provides deep consumer insights that will allow you to significantly improve your engagement.

5. Analyze call disposition data from your call center. If a consumer has three or more unhappy experiences, proactively reach out to ensure their issues are resolved. Showing you care enough to take the extra step can make a big difference in that consumer’s satisfaction. A great example is United's Advocate4Me program, which provides consumers with a single point of contact for the duration of any problem, and empowers that contact to provide the help needed to promote a satisfying experience.

6. Start by understanding what consumers think of you. Execute a consumer satisfaction survey and be prepared to act on it. Then, measure again half way through the plan's calendar year. This midpoint pulse helps you both understand how you are trending, but also highlights members who may be a flight risk at reenrollment. 


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