Activating Medicaid Members

By Welltok Marketing

The Affordable Care Act is making a big impact on the Medicaid market by introducing new competition to the playing field, changing payment models and placing a greater emphasis on preventive care. This creates a shift in the current healthcare market - giving consumers and health plan differentiators a bigger role. Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) is experiencing these market pressures firsthand and is moving quickly to respond.

Through its community health network, CHPW touches a total of 700,000 Medicaid, Medicare and uninsured individuals and families. The challenge: reaching these consumers and going beyond the clinic walls to engage members in their health.

“We want to identify people at risk of chronic conditions and help them avoid long-term health problems,” says Dennis Cannelis, senior executive consultant for Community Health Plan of Washington

With the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform and CaféWell Connect Partner HealthNutsMedia onboard, they were able to provide a solution specific to the needs of their population - addressing childhood obesity and implementing a successful outreach strategy for their population.

Learn how you can engage your members and build brand affinity before the next wave of open enrollment – read the case study on the Community Health Plan of Washington today!