Advanced Analytics: The Secret to High-Performing Employee Health Programs

By Phil Fiero

While employee health and well-being programs have been around for decades, only recently has the industry been in a position to move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.

Advances in analytics and machine learning can not only connect employees with the right resources, but even predict if they will be receptive to behavior change or not.

One of the things that gets me most excited about data is that it can unlock a whole new set of exciting and addressable questions: How can I engage more of my employees in their health? How can I optimize my spend? How do I know which employees are likely to participate and be impacted? How can I personalize my programs?

A Solution That’s Proven to Work.

As a self-proclaimed data geek, I know the solution to increasing employee health engagement is rooted in the use of data and advanced analytics. Other industries, like retail, have leveraged analytics the right way. They’ve figured out how to create personalized shopping experiences for their consumers and it works. The good news is that even with its complexities, the healthcare industry is starting to do the same.

When done right, organizations can pinpoint employees who are at-risk, receptive to behavior change, most likely to be impacted and by what means they want to be communicated with. That’s the power of advanced analytics – it tells you exactly whom to target, how to reach them and what to serve-up to drive action. For example, advanced analytics can help you proactively recommend a meditation program for those in high-stress positions or a coaching session on 529 college savings plans for new parents. And, there is no invasion of privacy; you deliver meaningful, personalized health experiences while still being HIPAA compliant. 

It’s Time to Get Data Smart.

The application of advanced analytics is still relatively new to employee health and well-being programs. We’ve been crunching data for years for population health managers, so we put together a new guide, called How to Leverage Advanced Analytics to Drive Employee Health Engagement, that provides:

  • The fundamentals of advanced analytics and the critical role they play in employee health engagement
  • What to look for in a solutions partner to ensure they are using advanced analytics accurately and in a way that delivers value-driven results
  • What kind of data you need to better understand and predict your employees' needs while meetings your business objectives and goals
  • How to motivate your employees to act with targeted and personalized communications
  • Actionable tips and recommendations for achieving measureable results

Here’s a Sneak Peek into the Guide.   


Leveraging advanced analytics may sound complex, but it doesn’t have to be, and you don’t have to do it alone. I’m on a mission to help you (and the industry at large) become more data smart. Download the guide, How to Leverage Advanced Analytics to Drive Employee Health Engagement, to get started.