And the Award for Best Consumer Engagement Program Goes to...

By Kathleen Ellmore

Last week, we had the opportunity to shine a spotlight on our clients who had award-winning engagement strategies and programs in 2016 during our Best of Engagement webinar.

As always, we are thrilled to announce the progress our clients have made within the past year, becoming more innovative in driving engagement and creating better member experiences. 

During the webinar, our panel of experts shared success stories in three key areas. Here’s a recap of the ‘best in show’ winners for 2016.

  • Personalization is getting more sophisticated and we’re seeing dramatically better results! We awarded the “Best Personalization-At-Scale Engagement Program” to our client who is leveraging technology to enable engagement for their Medicaid population. The multi-lingual program consists of 12 unique care management campaigns, across 18 states with 29 individual segments. The results continue to be positive, with an overall reach rate of 70% for all programs and a 30% cost-per-target decrease over the last few years. Encouraging results for this population!
  • Digital is the new normal. For years, digital outreach was considered innovative because of data, permissions, and compliance challenges. Now, we are seeing the opportunity to use digital channels as part of the regular conversations with our clients. We awarded the “Best Digital Channel Engagement Program” to our client who is using SMS text to drive condition management. The text messaging program successfully reached targeted members quickly and effectively, driving sustained program engagement and ultimately increased loyalty, retention, and healthy behaviors for members living with diabetes. Over 80% of members stayed engaged with the weekly text program over the 52-week period.
  • Creating a place where consumers can engage with their health on their terms. We awarded the “Best Empowered Consumer Engagement Program” to our client who leveraged a digital platform to help their employees navigate care, earn incentives, and learn more about health and wellbeing. The program delivered exceptional results with 71% of employees reporting improved health through platform use. In addition, 41% of employees were less stressed and 38% of members reported losing weight.

The adoption of new healthcare technologies is happening at a faster rate today than ever before.  And there are many more exciting innovations happening in 2017.  We are seeing Virtual Benefits Assistance (SIRI for healthcare), the Internet of Things, and telehealth is picking up speed in the marketplace. I think between policy uncertainty and technology innovations, the only constant for 2017 will be change!

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