And then COVID…How Your Peers Responded

By Welltok Marketing

The first half of 2020 was a blur, with more conversations than we want to admit ending with “and then COVID.” But when you pause and think about it, there are silver linings that came out of COVID-19 too. Among them, innovative approaches health plans, employers and health systems have adapted and used to respond to the changing health and wellbeing needs of the populations they serve.

Welltok is proud to work with clients in all of these markets, helping them respond by using data and tools we’ve had in place for over a decade that support total wellbeing, multi-channel communications and targeted outreach.

To inspire innovation among your team in the second half of this year, here are 3 innovative ways our clients adapted that you can mirror to modernize your response too.

Colorado Access Rapidly Adapted Texting Program to Engage Hard-to-Reach Medicaid Enrollees
Colorado Access’s three-pronged COVID-19 response strategy to support population health included case management and digital member engagement outreach, provider support and community partner funding. With Welltok’s help, the local, nonprofit health plan rapidly adapted its existing texting program to send more than 1.7M text messages to over 223K members in just a few months. As Medicaid enrollment grows, this channel will continue playing a crucial role in onboarding and engaging the plan’s new members.

Spectrum Brands Elevated Visibility of Its Mental Health Resources
As an essential business, many Spectrum Brands employees never stopped working at their manufacturing and distribution sites. The mental pressure for these frontline workers was extreme, extending beyond the jobsite. With Welltok, Spectrum Brands rapidly responded by putting all mental health resources (i.e. telehealth, meQuilibrium program “dealing with uncertainty” and information about getting connected to a mental health provider) in one, easy-to-access place on its wellbeing platform. Then they made sure everyone knew where it was with multi-channel communications that reached field and desk workers alike. Looking ahead, Spectrum Brands is evaluating Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem to round out its total wellbeing offering with a greater focus on things like diabetes management.

Houston Methodist Got Resourceful to Re-engage Patients Outside of Clinic Visits
Texas’ #1 ranked U.S. News & World Report hospital responded to COVID-19 by putting patient safety first. On a dime, they quickly adapted an existing newsletter to cover both COVID and “COVID-adjacent” content. With Welltok’s help, Houston Methodist expanded its reach and impact by increasing subscribers to over 500K individuals by adding existing patients and maintaining click to open rates upwards of 30%. This approach not only made sure patients had the necessary COVID-19 information, but it also positioned the hospital as a local trusted source of information. Looking ahead, Houston Methodist’s marketing team is ready to reverse the economic impact of COVID-19. With Welltok, they have prepared revenue-driving campaigns that will target high-risk, high-value patients for services like joint surgeries as soon as its safe to do so.

We have helped these and many other clients navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining everyday objectives like improving employee engagement, closing gaps in care and acquiring new patients.

We can help you too. Let’s talk.