Can Video Make You Healthier? We Think So.

By Welltok Marketing

According to comScore, people in the U.S. watch 1.2 billion videos online every day.

What is Welltok?

By Welltok Marketing

Welltok’s CMO Michelle Snyder sat down with Pat Salber, Host of The Doctor Weighs In at the 2014 Digital Health Summit to give her a crash course in Welltok and Health Optimization.

Coming soon: Caféwell Concierge

By Welltok Marketing

What do you get when you leverage IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities and Welltok’s Health Optimization Platform?

CaféWell Concierge powered by IBM Watson.

Fast Five: Greatist

By Welltok Marketing

“Optimal health is the place where a person feels truly their happiest, physically and emotionally” – Derek Flanzraich, CEO & Founder, Greatist

Wellness Incentives Save UnitedHealthCare Millions

By Welltok Marketing

According to a recent FierceHealthPayer article - the U.S healthcare system could prevent 80 percent of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and up to 40 percent of all cancer by getting people to eat better, exercise more and stop smoking.

Is Google poised to take on health -- again?

By Scott Rotermund

This week, Google Fit made its debut at the Google I/O conference – joining Apple and Samsung as another tech giant entering into overwhelming healthcare.

AHIP Institute 2014: The Year of the Consumer

By Michelle Snyder

The perfect conditions to discuss the future of healthcare: a comfortable 70 degrees in Seattle, a great coffee store on every corner and some of the most innovative healthcare companies (including our clients & partners) - all in one place!