Welltok Raises $25M More, Takes Aim at $2.7T Healthcare Industry

By Welltok Marketing

You’ve got a fitness tracker on your wrist and a phone loaded with health apps in your pocket. You know all about the latest technology that can help you stay—or get—in shape, and you’re pretty sure you know all the names of the biggest startups (and giant companies like Nike) trying to sell you new apps or gadgets.

The 411 on CaféWell Concierge powered by Watson

By Welltok Marketing

This week, we are in the heart of NYC’s Silicon Alley at the IBM Watson at Scale Event, debuting the early adopter version of CaféWell Concierge powered by IBM Watson.

CMS Expands Medicare Rewards - Adds Key Tool to Drive Behavior Change

By Michael Dermer

The recent changes to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans released by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in the final MA and Part D Rule are now in full effect – giving MA plans more flexibility to offer rewards and incentives to its recipients partcipating in wellness programs.

Stepping it Up: 5 Million Steps and Counting

By Welltok Marketing

Meet Barb. Barb is one of our dedicated and enthusiastic CaféWell members. At 55, this insurance director is not slowing down!

What’s wrong with the employer health care system?

By Welltok Marketing

Matt Halle, senior vice president of sales at Welltok, explains why the employer healthcare system is in need of a tune-up. Click the image below to see the full video on Benefits TV:

Health Optimization Index 2014

By Welltok Marketing

Consumers struggle to achieve health goals on their own, according to a survey conducted by Welltok, Inc., creator of the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform.