7 Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

By Carrie Williams

It’s no secret that the holidays can be stressful and leave you feeling like Scrooge. You may not be able to stop the tide of holiday stressors but here are some tips to help you manage the stress and maximize your merriment.

What Only Digital Health Engagement Experts Know, and You Need To…

By Welltok Marketing

Let’s be honest, consumers don’t define themselves by their disease. So, how are you going to get them to manage it?

As seen in WSJ - Lessons from the Cognitive Front Lines: Early Adopters of IBM's Watson

By Welltok Marketing

IBM's Watson is one of the most appealing new technologies of the 21st century, and the most prominent example of the new category of “cognitive computing.”

Welltok Acquires Silverlink to Enable Multi-Channel, Targeted Engagement

By Welltok Marketing

Welltok is excited to announce the acquisition of Silverlink to enable multi-channel, targeted consumer engagement.

Welltok Ranked #50 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte's 2015 Technology Fast 500

By Welltok Marketing

Welltok is excited to announce that we ranked #50 on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500™, a listing of the fastest growing companies in North America.

IBM and Welltok Transform Benefit and Health Management for Employees

By Welltok Marketing

Welltok is excited to announce the successful rollout of a Watson-powered version of the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform™ to IBM employees, leveraging the power of cognitive computing to help revolutionize how IBM manages health resources and engages employees.

Welltok Acquires Zamzee to Optimize the Health of Children and Their Families

By Welltok Marketing

Welltok is excited to announce the acquisition of Zamzee, an award-winning health program developed by HopeLab, to add more solutions for children to its CaféWell Health Optimization Platform™ and further engage millions of children and their families in healthy activities.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Hear How IBM Cracked the Employee Engagement Code

By Welltok Marketing

IBM, one of the nation’s leading employers, knew that it needed to change the way it approached employee engagement to drive greater benefit usage and value for its employees.

How well do you know Jack? (new eBook)

By Welltok Marketing

How well do you really know Jack, aka your consumer? Under the current “sickcare” system, most of what is known about Jack is retrospective from claims and clinical data.

How Britney Started Her Journey to Optimized Health

By Carrie Williams

The best part of success stories is that the results speak for themselves.

Health Rewards Are Here to Stay - Don't Make These 5 Mistakes (infographic)

By Michael Dermer

Rewards for healthy behaviors have been growing by leaps and bounds as a way to reduce healthcare costs for several years.

CaféWell Connect Fast Five: Canary Health

By Welltok Marketing

Five fun questions. Five honest answers. One innovative CaféWell Connect Partner.

Welltok Ranks High on Inc. 5000 List

By Scott Rotermund

When we founded Welltok, it was with the premise that the health industry has largely been focused on ’sickcare’ and consumers are missing from the equation.

Forget Population Health, Start with Individuals (mHealthNews masters session)

By Michelle Snyder

Population health management has become one of the biggest buzz words of 2015 – but what does it really mean?

What You Don't Know About "Jack" Can Hurt Your Programs (webinar replay)

By Welltok Marketing

Hundreds of senior executives acknowledged that they don't know Jack - at least as well as they could - by tuning in to one of AHIP’s most popular webinars of the year.

What's Keeping Your CEO Up at Night

By Welltok Marketing

From skyrocketing costs to Obamacare, it’s no surprise your CEO has a lot on their minds.

Prevention Delivers Value - 4 recommendations

By Robin Schepper

Americans spend twice as much on healthcare as citizens of other developed countries, with chronic diseases dominating healthcare costs. In fact, 86 percent of U.S. healthcare costs are attributed to chronic disease. In the healthcare field, we continue to discuss how our system is shifting to value over volume, but how does that connect to reducing healthcare costs and reducing chronic disease?

From eWeek: Welltok Takes IBM Watson to Dinner

By Welltok Marketing

Cognitive computing is now being used to satisfy your cravings while optimizing your health, thanks to Healthy DiningIBM Watson and Welltok.

Not All Analytics Are Created Equal (infographic)

By Welltok Marketing

For too long, healthcare analytics has been focused on what the patient is doing, rather than the consumer.

What Healthcare Can Learn from Sesame Street (video)

By Welltok Marketing

Better than a TED talk
Partner, build or buy is a dilemma that many senior leaders face with technology these days. 

6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Health

By Carrie Williams

Hot dogs and hamburgers are sure to be on the menu for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. It's a time of the year when we could all use a bit of extra health coaching.

10,000 Reasons Why Engaging Seniors Matters

By Welltok Marketing

There are 10,000 reasons why engaging the consumers in this market matters, according to Jim Fields, Oliver Wyman partner and Medicare expert.

AHIP Institute's Ring of Fire

By Michelle Snyder

It's that time of year again - AHIP Institute 2015 has come and gone.

Avoid the Creep Factor When Designing for Consumers

By Travis McElfresh

You’re at a cocktail party. You see an attractive person across the room. You walk up and introduce yourself with the opener: “I really enjoyed the pics you shared on Facebook of your party last night."

3 Questions We Couldn't Wait to Ask Jim Fields About Engaging Seniors

By Mimi Macauley

We couldn't wait for Thursday's webinar to hear what Jim Fields, Oliver Wyman partner and Medicare expert, had to say about engaging seniors in their health.

From USA Today: Healthcare takes small steps to go digital, and it’s promising

By Welltok Marketing

In a recent USA Today article about the promise of technology in healthcare, Centura Health’s rollout of Welltok's CaféWell Concierge was highlighted.

Are EHRs and PHRs designed to fail?

By Welltok Marketing

In an interview with MedCity News, Welltok's CEO Jeff Margolis expressed the belief that current electronic health records and personal health records are unintentionally designed to fail.

Healthcare’s biggest misunderstanding: the rectangle and the square

By Jeff Margolis

People use patient and consumer interchangeably, and I believe that you're strategically doomed if you do so, because they're not the same.

Reading Between the Lines: Incentive Spending Up, But Not Optimized

By Michael Dermer

Employers are spending more money than ever on incentive-based health programs – up nearly 17% over 2014 – according to a survey by National Business Group on Health and Fidelity Benefits.

Healthcare's Dilemma: Incumbents vs Consumers

By Welltok Marketing

Hundreds of senior executives were part of a lively discussion about the future of healthcare with two of the greatest minds in the industry - Jeff Margolis and Tom Main.

Employer Spend on Health Incentives Hits All-time High

By Michael Dermer

Incentives continue to gain steam as an effective way for employers to engage employees in their health – reducing healthcare costs, increasing productivity and loyalty.

Would you eat a spider for $100?

By Michael Dermer

Have you ever seen the show Fear Factor? It’s a reality TV staple that puts every day people in extreme situations in order to win a cash prize.

Solving the Data Security Dilemma

By Jeff Margolis

Data breaches and security threats – such as the recent attacks on Premera Blue Cross and health insurer Anthem – are increasingly becoming a concern for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

OVUM puts Welltok "On The Radar" in new analyst report

By Welltok Marketing

The analyst firm OVUM put Welltok “On The Radar” in this recently published report.

'Disruption' Does Not Define Success. Here Are 5 Principles That Do.

By Jeff Margolis

As an entrepreneur, you are most likely looking to change an industry -- either by improving its current operations or by introducing a new product, concept, service and so forth.

The Pursuit of Health Optimization

By Jeff Margolis

For over 30 years I have been burdened with Crohn’s disease, a serious and currently incurable illness.

End of the Runway for Gadget Pageantry and Other Radical Health Predictions

By Jeff Margolis

Where is the consumer? This is not a game of "hide and seek" in health care, but rather the critical missing element needed to have a fully functioning health care system.

Rewards Help Majority of Consumers Overcome Health Data Concerns

By Michael Dermer

For consumers, the new digital health lifestyle comes with one string attached: They may be required to share a lot more personal information so the issue of digital trust has come to the forefront.