Would you eat a spider for $100?

Have you ever seen the show Fear Factor? It’s a reality TV staple that puts every day people in extreme situations in order to win a cash prize.

By Michael Dermer

Solving the Data Security Dilemma

Data breaches and security threats – such as the recent attacks on Premera Blue Cross and health insurer Anthem – are increasingly becoming a concern for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

By Jeff Margolis

OVUM puts Welltok "On The Radar" in new analyst report

The analyst firm OVUM put Welltok “On The Radar” in this recently published report.

By Welltok Marketing

'Disruption' Does Not Define Success. Here Are 5 Principles That Do.

As an entrepreneur, you are most likely looking to change an industry -- either by improving its current operations or by introducing a new product, concept, service and so forth.

By Jeff Margolis

The Pursuit of Health Optimization

For over 30 years I have been burdened with Crohn’s disease, a serious and currently incurable illness.

By Jeff Margolis