7 Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

It’s no secret that the holidays can be stressful and leave you feeling like Scrooge. You may not be able to stop the tide of holiday stressors but here are some tips to help you manage the stress and maximize your merriment.

By Carrie Williams

What Only Digital Health Engagement Experts Know, and You Need To…

Let’s be honest, consumers don’t define themselves by their disease. So, how are you going to get them to manage it?

By Welltok Marketing

As seen in WSJ - Lessons from the Cognitive Front Lines: Early Adopters of IBM's Watson

IBM's Watson is one of the most appealing new technologies of the 21st century, and the most prominent example of the new category of “cognitive computing.”

By Welltok Marketing

Welltok Acquires Silverlink to Enable Multi-Channel, Targeted Engagement

Welltok is excited to announce the acquisition of Silverlink to enable multi-channel, targeted consumer engagement.

By Welltok Marketing