Living in a Starbucks World: The Power of Personalization

I’m feeling energized after a fantastic trip to Chicago last week for AHIP’s Consumer Experience and Digital Forum.

By Kathleen Ellmore

Welltok Ranked #1 in Colorado, #74 Nationwide on Deloitte's 2016 Technology Fast 500

We have a lot to be thankful about this Thanksgiving week, and you are at the top of our list.

By Welltok Marketing

Incentive Regulations Can Be Scary - Don't Get Spooked

It’s a scary time of year for many employers and health plans (and we’re not referring to Halloween)!

By Lisa Suter

Cutting Through the Noise: The Power of the Personalized Health Call

Every election season, we are bombarded with messages and advertising about candidates and issues, and a presidential election generally triggers an avalanche of calls to our homes.

By Chris O'Brien

From WSJ: The Office Walk-and-Talk is Genius

In last week’s Wall Street Journal the benefits of walking meetings were highlighted. We are a big fan of walking meetings here at Welltok and are “walking the talk” when promoting our health optimization mission.

By Welltok Marketing

Welltok is Hitting the Road!

We officially kicked off our 2016 Fall Conference Tour! Our schedule is jam packed with 11 different event appearances.

By Welltok Marketing

How to Tame Communication Chaos with Tech

Psychologists state that “humans flee from chaos and disorder.” Since the Affordable Care Act has transformed healthcare into a consumer market, many plans are struggling with how to engage members in a meaningful way that builds trust and creates a positive experience.

By Kathleen Ellmore

Welltok Ranks High on Inc. 5000 List for Second Consecutive Year

We introduced the industry's first consumer enterprise platform, CaféWell, because we saw an opportunity to help all Americans optimize their health. And the industry has embraced it.

By Welltok Marketing

Colorado Takes the Next Step to Become Healthiest State

Healthy living is a point of pride for the State of Colorado, yet its population is not immune to rising rates of chronic conditions, obesity and stress-related health problems.

By Welltok Marketing

New Survey Reveals What Really Motivates Employees to Improve Their Health and Well-Being

Personalization, providing rewards and understanding what employees really want are key to maximizing value in employer-sponsored health and well-being programs according to results from a new national survey from Welltok and the National Business Group on Health (NBGH).

By Welltok Marketing

Experts Reveal 5 Best Practices for Engaging Medicare Members

The modern face of Medicare is very different than what most people envision it to be.

By Welltok Marketing

Consumer Preference is King in a Multi-Channel World

The widespread adoption of digital technologies and the Affordable Care Act has transformed the healthcare industry over the past decade. Despite all the changes (think: wearable devices, telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence and EMRs), multi-channel communication has remained a vital strategy to engage members in their health.

By Welltok Marketing

5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Make Patient Engagement Work for Seniors

French author Jules Renard once said, “It is not how old you are, but how you are old.” For the U.S., this couldn’t be more true as one in every seven Americans was over the age of 65 in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

By Andrea Powers

Health IT design often undermined by lack of empathy for users, patients

It’s not a new idea to say that the use of information technology in healthcare is not yet delivering the results its early advocates were promising.

By Welltok Marketing

The secret to helping families get healthy? Start with the kids

For Maria, the realization came when she went to pick her children up from a weight management summer program, prescribed by their pediatrician.

By Michelle Snyder

As Seen in MedCityNews - Do Voting Habits Reflect Health?

Does our health have a connection to how we might vote in the upcoming election? It sure does, according to Chris Coloian, Chief Solutions Officer at Welltok.

By Welltok Marketing

Can Your Consumer Health Platform Do That?

Healthcare is no longer just about getting the occasional tune-up. In reality, few individuals are in "patient" mode at any given time.

By Welltok Marketing

3 Words Missing From HIMSS16

Looking to lose a few pounds? No need for Weight Watchers, the answer is HIMSS - the largest healthcare information management systems conference in the world.

By Michelle Snyder

New Survey Reveals Ways to Engage Seniors in their Health & Tech Adoption

It's never too late to be healthy according to results from a new national survey released by Welltok. In fact, more than 50% of today's seniors have said "game on" and are using technology to manage their health, especially outside the clinical setting.

By Welltok Marketing

As seen in WSJ - Bosses Tap Outside Firms to Predict Which Workers Might Get Sick

Employee wellness firms and insurers are working with companies to mine data about the prescription drugs workers use, how they shop and even whether they vote, to predict their individual health needs and recommend treatments.

By Welltok Marketing

6 Tips to Avoid Being a Monday Morning Quarterback

As a company that has developed an award-winning consumer engagement platform, and now shares our hometown with the Super Bowl 50 champions, the Denver Broncos, we know how to score a touchdown with consumers.

By Welltok Marketing

As seen in EBN - CEO's 5 Ways to Fix Employee Wellness

As I continue to see industry banter around “employee wellness” – why it needs to change, why it’s due for an overhaul, what is the ROI on it, I’ve come to the conclusion that the existing premise and execution of employee wellness is flawed.

By Jeff Margolis

CaféWell Earns Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award

We are excited to announce that Frost & Sullivan has awarded Welltok the Product Leadership Award for our CaféWell Health Optimization Platform!

By Welltok Marketing