As Seen in MedCityNews - Do Voting Habits Reflect Health?

Does our health have a connection to how we might vote in the upcoming election? It sure does, according to Chris Coloian, Chief Solutions Officer at Welltok.

By Welltok Marketing

Can Your Consumer Health Platform Do That?

Healthcare is no longer just about getting the occasional tune-up. In reality, few individuals are in "patient" mode at any given time.

By Welltok Marketing

3 Words Missing From HIMSS16

Looking to lose a few pounds? No need for Weight Watchers, the answer is HIMSS - the largest healthcare information management systems conference in the world.

By Michelle Snyder

New Survey Reveals Ways to Engage Seniors in their Health & Tech Adoption

It's never too late to be healthy according to results from a new national survey released by Welltok. In fact, more than 50% of today's seniors have said "game on" and are using technology to manage their health, especially outside the clinical setting.

By Welltok Marketing