What's the Biggest Pain Point for Consumers Regarding their Health?

A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center to talk about the needs and demands of healthcare consumers. During the conversation, I shared some insight about how consumers and population health managers struggle with benefit navigation and education. I also discussed the need for us as an industry to shift more focus toward healthcare costs by recognizing and addressing consumers beyond the sickcare system.

By Michelle Snyder

How Artificial Intelligence Could Make Healthcare More Affordable

Earlier this summer, I was interviewed by Conor Cawley from Tech.co about the financial impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the healthcare industry. 

During our conversation, we got real about the role AI can play in understanding data, lowering costs and powering chatbots. AI is now in a position to help transform one of the most complex industries – the one that we all work in.

By Jeff Cohen

As Water Rises, So Should Resilience: Become More Resilient With These Techniques

This week in Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city is going through what is considered to be the most devastating natural disaster to hit this country.

As streets remain flooded, concealing homes in its murky waters, inundating schools and destroying businesses, lives are being uprooted and many are panic-stricken. 

By Sasha Khan