From Oliver Wyman's Thrive Lounge: Interview with Jeff Margolis

How can consumer data drive a whole person approach to healthcare beyond the “sickcare” system? Why does personalized healthcare remain elusive? For this and more thought-provoking insights, watch this interview with Welltok's chairman and CEO, Jeff Margolis, from Oliver Wyman’s Thrive Lounge.  

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6 Health Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Jeff Margolis, chairman and CEO of Welltok, and Sam Glick, Health and Life Sciences Partner at Oliver Wyman, recently teamed up to discuss and debate the race for the consumer and how it is reshaping the health industry.

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As Seen in Beckers Hospital Review: 3 Reasons it’s a Whole New Year in Medicare

Changes to the Medicare market are making it challenging for health plans to attract, retain and engage members. Research shows that Medicare Advantage enrollment has almost doubled since 2010, and with the open enrollment period well underway, it’s more important than ever for health plans to recognize these changes and prepare for a new Medicare season.

By April Gill

3 Things Employees Want You to Know About Wellbeing Programs

More than 1,000 employees of large organizations told us what motivates them to engage in health and wellbeing programs. Use their feedback to boost engagement in your investments.

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Two Truths and a Lie About Health Data Security

Healthcare is incredibly personal, so there is both an ethical and legal obligation to keep consumer health information safe and secure. And rightfully so, it's no longer a matter of if you'll be hacked, but when — and how quickly you can detect and contain it.

By David MacLeod

Colorado Access Shatters the Member Engagement Status Quo

Like many health plans, Colorado Access had redefined organizational goals of decreasing costs, controlling utilization, and improving the health of its entire population. Yet existing campaigns were underperforming, and it was prime time for a reboot. 

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3 Tips for More Successful Flu Vaccine Programs

As we enter the last few weeks of summer, many of us are savoring one last beach trip, barbecue, and bonfire before the days start getting shorter, and kids go back to school. But as healthcare professionals, we know that August also means it's time to start preparing for the upcoming flu season.

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3 Strategies to Engage and Activate Hard-to-Reach Members

Engaging your members is easier said than done. Members move, prioritize other “to-dos” over wellbeing activities, and frequently ignore communications.Traditional communication channels, like direct mail, tend to treat all members the same while using significant staff and financial resources, and delivering limited results.

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Neighborhood Health Plan Chooses Welltok to Deliver Personalized Wellbeing Programs for Members

Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP) is now offering Welltok’s award-winning CaféWell platform as an added benefit to get members of all ages and demographics actively involved in their health by connecting them with personalized health and wellbeing programs in an easy and engaging way.

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What You Should Be Reading (And Listening To) This Summer

School is out, the pools are packed and families across America are loading up the car for vacation. We've officially reached the dog days of summer! Which means it's the perfect time to catch up on some things you may have missed recently.

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As Seen On VentureBeat: 3 Tips to Reduce Bias in AI-Powered Healthcare Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots that use natural language processing are on the rise across all industries. A practical application is providing dynamic customer support that allows users to ask questions and receive highly relevant responses. In health care, for example, one customer may ask “What’s my copay for an annual check-up?” and another may ask “How much does seeing the doctor cost?” 

By Allison Langley

Overcoming the Data and Privacy Dilemma for Healthcare Consumers

Data, data, everywhere…the practical dilemma is that even as the increasing threat of data security challenges is hitting the front page, healthcare industry leaders and pundits are in nearly universal agreement that far more – not less – consumer interaction and engagement with meaningful healthcare data is necessary to drive significant improvements in healthcare value. 

By David MacLeod

If It’s Not Personalized, It's Just Noise: 10 tips to personalize healthcare

“A wealth of information leads to a poverty of attention,” was coined in 1971 by Nobel Prize winner and psychologist, Dr. Herbert Simon. Forty-six years later, this statement holds more weight than ever for healthcare consumers.

By Michelle Snyder

Florida Blue Picks Welltok to Deliver More Personalized, Rewarding Experiences

Florida Blue, which insures 1 in 3 Floridians, took their digital health and wellbeing program to the next level with Welltok. It launched "Better You Strides" program on the Welltok platform to give members access to personalized tools and resources, and incentivize participation.

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The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Physician Relations

It’s widely known that healthcare reform and health insurance changes have affected relationships between many physicians and the healthcare institutions that employ them. But what about the individuals who work with the physicians? How has healthcare reform affected the physician liaisons that work hard to ensure seamless interactions between providers and hospitals?

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Don't Miss the Mark: How to Collect and Leverage Member Preferences

Healthcare consumers are busier than ever, which makes communicating with them harder than ever. It is increasingly important to meet them where they are. Are you equipped to do so? Or are you avoiding non-traditional channels – like text messaging and mobile – because of strict TCPA rules and a lack of complete contact information?

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As Seen in HBR: Gathering Health Care Insights from Data About People’s Daily Lives

While the healthcare industry becomes increasingly adept at applying clinical and claims data to improve care, it has largely ignored other data sources that provide the greatest opportunity to positively impact health and cost at scale. The dependence on this limited data set originates in the system’s orientation toward “sick care” — treating illness.

By Jeff Margolis

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Continues to Climb

According to a study done by L.E.K. Consulting, Medicare Advantage plans have grown steadily over the past 20 years, and will continue to do so. In fact, the plan is expected to reach 60%-70% market penetration by sometime between 2030 and 2040.

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The Secret to Engaging Baby Boomers

It’s no secret that as baby boomers age into Medicare, the stakes to acquire, retain and engage members escalates. The opportunity is big and I’m proud to say that Welltok is already delivering on the challenge. We are seeing increases in engagement of up to 40% through the use of an advanced process that combines robust predictive analytics and best practice multi-channel communications. 

By AnneMarie Gramling

Impact of Physician Liaisons on Provider Onboarding

For most organizations hiring new physicians, going from search initiation to signed offer can take months. It requires weeding through dozens of candidates in countless hours of interviews. In many cases, it costs the hospital or health system tens of thousands of dollars. Once hired, the new recruit will spend several weeks getting up-to-speed.

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Making Big Data Small for Health Consumers

When it comes to consumers and their health, a very small percentage of their lives are defined by clinical or claims data. In fact, to change consumer health behaviors for the better, their lifestyle choices play a key role – and that data is far more effective and impactful in getting consumers motivated.   

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Easing Concerns Around Claims Data

Recently, an article was released detailing a lawsuit brought against Via Christi Health, claiming they defrauded Medicare and engaged in a scheme to maximize Medicare reimbursements through their cardiac referral program.

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3 Reasons Why Welltok Should Be On Your Radar in 2018

International analyst firm, Ovum, selected Welltok for its prestigious “On the Radar” series based on our innovative, comprehensive consumer health enterprise platform and technology-enabled services, and there are three reasons why. 

By Scott Rotermund

Super Bowl 🏈 Data Smackdown: Patriots vs Eagles

Could the Super Bowl team you cheer for be a predictor of your health risks? In short, yes! Consumer data points like sports team, TV viewership and eating habits are key indicators of a consumer’s health risks and receptivity to health activities and interventions.

By Phil Fiero

Healthcare Game-Changers or More of the Same? 

As a healthcare veteran, it was invigorating to read the announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan are partnering to improve healthcare effectiveness and value for their combined 1.2 million employees. In doing so, they have meaningfully re-awakened a mammoth industry and returned the challenges of the existing U.S. “sickcare” system to the front page.

By Jeff Margolis

CDPHP's Obsession with Member Satisfaction is Making a Big Difference

CDPHP kicked-off the year strong winning Best Company to Work for in New York for the 10th consecutive year. Add to that -- winning the Highest in Member Satisfaction Among Commercial Health Plans in New York award by J.D. Power. It’s clear they are doing something right!

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How Chipotle is Winning at Employee Wellbeing

We recently sat down with our client and favorite burrito bowl destination -- Chipotle Mexican Grill -- to get the inside scoop on their employee wellbeing program. Read on to learn how they found a wellbeing platform that met the unique needs of 71,000 employees, their top 5 lessons learned and the one thing they would have done different.

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Guest Blog: 5 Tips from a 5 Star Plan

As the Senior Medical Director for Tufts Health Plan’s Five Star Medicare Advantage and FIDESNP products, I’m often asked about our secret to achieving the coveted Five Star Rating. In reality, we don’t have just one secret – we have five focused strategies that we keep front of mind (read on and you’ll see what I’m referring to).

By Dr. Jonathan Harding, MD