Impact of Physician Liaisons on Provider Onboarding

For most organizations hiring new physicians, going from search initiation to signed offer can take months. It requires weeding through dozens of candidates in countless hours of interviews. In many cases, it costs the hospital or health system tens of thousands of dollars. Once hired, the new recruit will spend several weeks getting up-to-speed.

By Welltok Marketing

Making Big Data Small for Health Consumers

When it comes to consumers and their health, a very small percentage of their lives are defined by clinical or claims data. In fact, to change consumer health behaviors for the better, their lifestyle choices play a key role – and that data is far more effective and impactful in getting consumers motivated.   

By Welltok Marketing

Easing Concerns Around Claims Data

Recently, an article was released detailing a lawsuit brought against Via Christi Health, claiming they defrauded Medicare and engaged in a scheme to maximize Medicare reimbursements through their cardiac referral program.

By Welltok Marketing

3 Reasons Why Welltok Should Be On Your Radar in 2018

International analyst firm, Ovum, selected Welltok for its prestigious “On the Radar” series based on our innovative, comprehensive consumer health enterprise platform and technology-enabled services, and there are three reasons why. 

By Scott Rotermund

Super Bowl 🏈 Data Smackdown: Patriots vs Eagles

Could the Super Bowl team you cheer for be a predictor of your health risks? In short, yes! Consumer data points like sports team, TV viewership and eating habits are key indicators of a consumer’s health risks and receptivity to health activities and interventions.

By Phil Fiero

Healthcare Game-Changers or More of the Same? 

As a healthcare veteran, it was invigorating to read the announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan are partnering to improve healthcare effectiveness and value for their combined 1.2 million employees. In doing so, they have meaningfully re-awakened a mammoth industry and returned the challenges of the existing U.S. “sickcare” system to the front page.

By Jeff Margolis