Fast Five with Our Privacy Expert

We realize that COVID-19 still is top of mind for many organizations, so we phoned in Welltok’s privacy law attorney, Esteban Morin, to ask him some timely questions about the privacy and security of healthcare data.

By Welltok Marketing

3 Ways to Avoid a Post-COVID Care Tsunami

You don’t need a crystal ball to know the healthcare system is in for another big COVID-related challenge – effectively managing the immense backlog of delayed care and consumer expectations to be seen quickly.

By Welltok Marketing

WATCH: 3 Tips to Reengage & Retain Members (5 min)

In a COVID world, being proactive with members is now more important than ever to support total wellbeing and build loyalty. Now is the time to be reaching out and reengaging members, especially as the window for voluntarily disenrollment during AEP nears. 

In today’s age, connecting with members and proving value to them requires a more sophisticated approach using data, strategic outreach, and support. Use these tips from our retention expert, John Coleman, to predict and get in front of members who are likely to disenroll before it's too late.

By Welltok Marketing