3 Tips For Maintaining Medicare Member Loyalty

John Coleman is Welltok's senior director of marketplace solutions and is passionate about how health plans can best communicate with their members to boost quality measures, loyalty and retention. John recently sat down with Electronic Health Reporter on a three-prong approach to retaining members by making sure they understand the value of their current plan and to know that they are being taken care of. See below for the full article. 

By John Coleman

That's so 2019… 4 New Budget Trends for 2021

Whether we want to admit it or not, 2021 will look more like this year than 2019. With 2021 budget planning starting, we are helping current clients and prospects strategize on the best ways to allocate dollars to engage people in a disconnected world.

By Welltok Marketing

Webinar Recap: How CDPHP Took a Bite Out of Nutrition During COVID-19

Plans are telling us that it’s harder than ever to engage with members due to COVID. But as shared during a recent AHIP webinar, it’s still possible to engage members and drive important behavior changes as long as you have the right strategy, partners and programs in place.

By Welltok Marketing