Guilty of These Personalization Fails?

Personalizing the consumer experience is a proven way to increase engagement. But are your efforts missing the mark? Find out from this infographic on real-life personalization fails.

By Welltok Marketing

Can We Trust What’s Behind the Mask?

As the masks start coming off, how can organizations continue to encourage people to accept the COVID-19 vaccine? The Washington Post recently reported, “in an intensely polarized nation, many people have little faith that their maskless fellow Americans have actually been vaccinated. That lack of trust, fueled by the ongoing politicization of the pandemic, tears at the fabric of a public-health strategy built on the assumption that other people will do the right thing.” 

By Welltok Marketing

Antiracism in AI: How to Build Bias Checkpoints Into Your Development and Delivery Process

Allison Langley, Welltok's Data Science Manager, recently sat down with Managed Healthcare Executive to discuss antiracism in AI, and building checkpoints into development and delivery processes. See below for the full article. 

By Allison Langley