Privacy is Paramount: Does Your Security Pass the Test?

When it comes to data security, it’s no longer a question of if a cyber-attack will happen and how will you prepare, but a matter of when it will and what defense you have ready to prevent, detect and respond to threats.

By Welltok Marketing

Mindful Eating During the Holidays – Yes, it Can Be Done!

*Editor's Note: At Welltok, we’ve curated a stellar ecosystem of Connect Partners that cover the full spectrum of health and wellbeing, from condition management to mental health to fertility benefits. One of our partners, WW, is a wellness company powered by the world’s leading sustainable weight loss program. WW Health Solutions partners with employers to propel happier, healthier, more engaged workplaces and communities. In this WW guest blog post, you’ll see a glimpse of how they are helping individuals think outside the box and incorporate healthier meals into holiday gatherings.

By WW Health Solutions