Are Consumers Playing Hard to Get?

By Welltok Marketing

The distribution of heart-shaped cards and chocolates, the delivery of flowers, and the 2-hour restaurant wait times on a Tuesday – today must be Valentine’s Day. 

Who says that Valentine’s Day is for couples only?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect impetus to reflect on all of your important relationships. Most of us know that the biggest challenge in any relationship – whether it’s with your special someone, a friend, or even with your consumer – is communication. 

Today’s member or employee communications are typically one-size-fits-all. Yet, evidence shows that one of the best ways to truly connect with consumers is through personalization - making them feel like they are your one and only. At Welltok, we have delivered over one billion communications on behalf of population health managers and consider ourselves “matchmakers” when it comes to connecting consumers with the right message, at the right time.

In the spirit of spreading love on this special day, here are a few tips for creating more meaningful interactions with your consumers: 

1. Recognize that it’s complicated

It is important to acknowledge that the healthcare industry is complex and confusing to consumers – they aren’t just playing hard to get. Consumers may not know what’s available to them or how to navigate their benefits. Providing targeted and actionable communications goes a long way. The more you can simplify the message and focus the “ask,” the better. Our experience shows that women on Medicaid were 3 times more likely to get at least one medical screening when they were reminded about 3 missed screenings.

2. Don’t rule out singing telegrams

Every consumer is unique in how they want to be reached – whether it be voice, email, text, mobile or live agent. Many communications campaigns require a multi-channel approach with a mix of two or more modalities. For example, we executed a three-part appointment scheduling and reminder program for a Medicare Advantage plan. The program included automated calls with transfer to a live agent at each stage. At each reminder, individuals confirmed, at high rates, their intent to keep appointments. The program improved the overall rate of appointments kept by 25% and supported overall quality initiatives for the plan.

3. Find the perfect match

You don’t need to do it alone, there are resources available to help you personalize communications for your entire population. Data and analytics can define your consumer communications outreach and engagement plan. In addition, by leveraging technology you can integrate and store communications history, preference, and compliance information creating a more coordinated and effective communications program. On top of providing valuable insight into your consumer, technology can help improve consumer experience, reduce administrative costs, and improve medical outcomes.

Looking for more ways to woo your consumers? Download our research brief Solving the Communications Challenge or drop us a line