Breaking it Down: Oncology Nutrition Support

By Welltok Marketing

Malnutrition is a frequent problem among cancer patients, but many side effects from chemotherapy or radiation can be mitigated through targeted nutritional interventions and self-management. Unfortunately, the dietitian shortage means that only 20% of patients receive the support of an oncology-credentialed registered dietitian to receive deeply personalized evidence-based nutritional strategies to help them manage their symptoms.

Organizations can design more inclusive benefits for people living with cancer by offering programs like those from our Connect Partner, Savor Health, which provides personalized nutrition strategies to prevent and manage the symptoms of chronic disease through its digital health programs.

To dive deeper into oncology nutrition and ways organizations can make their people feel supported, seen and appreciated, Welltok’s Head of Events, Morgan Albaum hosted a live Q&A and cooking demo with Savor Health’s CEO Susan Bratton and registered oncology dietician Karen Berg. One thing became evident during the discussion: a person suffering from cancer is already going through enough and alleviating side effects can make a world of difference.

Missed the session or want to make your own lentil soup for someone undergoing cancer treatment? Catch the replay here:


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