CaféWell Connect Fast Five: Canary Health

By Welltok Marketing

Five fun questions. Five honest answers. One innovative CaféWell Connect Partner. We asked Canary Health's avocado-loving President and CEO, Adam Kaufman, five questions in five minutes in this edition of Fast Five.

"Health is a resource for life. We should all have the health we need to live the life we want." -Adam Kaufman, President and CEO of Canary Health

1. What problem are you trying to solve?

Often people who are at-risk for or living with chronic conditions need support to become empowered to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors. Canary Health is dedicated to providing interventions that help people live healthier lives. 

We’ve innovated a flexible model that provides this support over time to ensure success. Our proven, evidence-based interventions couple education, goal-setting, and tracking with coaching and social support to provide the structure to help someone understand and commit to healthier behaviors. In addition, users can tailor their experience so that it fits their lifestyle and helps ensure successful completion.

2. Why work with Welltok?

Watch Adam talk about why Canary Health works with Welltok in this 1 minute video... 

Contact us to talk about adding Canary Health to the CaféWell platform.

3. What’s one piece of advice you have for consumers who are trying to reach their optimal health?

The best advice I can give is not to be too hard on yourself.  If it were simply about optimal health at one time we’d all be there, but we know it’s a journey. Things come up, life intervenes and the key to optimal health is rolling with those setbacks and coming back as best we can to maintain healthy behaviors.

4. What health innovation are you most excited about?

I am most excited by the power of analytics to understand behavior even better and provide more relevant and tailored experiences.

5. What does healthcare look like ten years from now?

Healthcare will be much more tailored to individuals, both in terms of services and delivery location. There will also be a seamless integration of digital and in-person services and deep, personalized analytics at both the genetic and behavior level. It may take a bit more than 10 years, but I have no doubt that that is the future of healthcare.

Bonus Question: If you could be a healthy snack, what would you be and why?

Probably an avocado, because who doesn't love avocados!