Did Your Employees Forget About Their Health?

By Welltok Marketing

Conversation sparked on one LinkedIn thread, putting a major question of concern in the spotlight: "Did you forget about your health?" Or to put it in another way, "Did your employees forget about their health?"

It’s not new that an employer’s most important investment they can make is in their people. What’s new is what that investment looks like. With the vast majority of employees (75%) expecting access to a wellbeing platform and resources, more organizations are expanding their offerings. However, the process to do so is overwhelming as the Wall Street Journal recently highlighted. “We are inundated”, says Meredith Touchstone, director of benefits at CarMax Inc. “We already have these very big portfolios of vendors. And with all this new stuff coming into the market, there’s no way to assess, literally thousands of digital-health services now available."

That’s where our Connect Partner Ecosystem comes into play making it easy to for employers to vet, add and launch programs. Some of the high-demand areas that we are supporting for both remote and onsite workforces include:

Mental Health
According to a recent study by McKinsey, 65% of employers believe they have the benefits and tools to support employee mental health, but only 51% of employees agree. Some of our mental health partners include:Mental HealthCondition Management
Six out of 10 adults live with a chronic condition. In a more virtual world, it is critical to offer digital support outside of the traditional health setting. The following programs provide both a high-tech and high-touch experience proven to help individuals improve or manage an existing condition like diabetes, back pain, heart health or addiction, including:Connect Partners - Condition ManagementNutrition
When asked about their health and wellbeing priorities for the year, 67% of employees identified eating healthier as a top concern, discovered in a recent Welltok survey. For nutrition, healthy eating, and weight management support, check out these featured Connect Partners:NutritionPreventive Care
Whether it’s going in for annual wellness exam or completing a health risk assessment, employers can reverse health risks and health costs through preventive care actions. Here’s a look at a few select preventive care programs in our Ecosystem:Preventive Care

So, what can you do? Continue offering and expanding your resources to provide your employees with what they need to succeed professionally – and personally. One LinkedIn respondent summarized it best, “If my mind and body aren't at its healthiest, how can I perform my work at its best?”

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