Employees are Seeking Financial and Emotional Support at an Astounding Rate

By Welltok Marketing

Experts are warning of an impending mental and financial health crisis as the pandemic persists. Leading employers nationwide are getting ahead of it by strengthening their wellbeing programs with timely resources – and it’s paying off. Welltok has reported staggering completion rates of 70-94% for COVID-related wellbeing programs by both essential and remote employees.

“If there was ever a time to invest in employee wellbeing – it’s now. The stress and uncertainty of COVID is taking a toll,” said April Gill, Welltok's senior vice president of market solutions. “To keep employees physically and mentally strong, it’s essential to provide highly-relevant resources that drive action and connect people with the support they need whether they are at home or in the worksite.”

Over the past few months, essential workers as well as employees working from home are seeking more mental health and financial wellness support. Popular resources include the financial education tool “how market volatility affects your retirement” by Prudential Financial (71-75% completion rates). Additional in-demand resources related to COVID-19 include content and tools covering topics such as “staying healthy while working from home,” “protecting yourself and others,” and “what to do if you have coronavirus.”

“I really needed this topic and help. My anxiety has been so out of control – wreaking havoc inside myself. I so appreciated the info on what to focus on each day to help myself get better,” said a program participant.

These resources are conveniently available through Welltok’s total wellbeing solution, which provides a single destination for employees to engage and take action. This may include managing existing conditions, staying physically active, enrolling in benefits and managing stress and finances. It also serves as the platform for companies to connect with employees effectively, which has proven especially valuable for utility, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing workers.

“As we head into the Fall and we all shift from a temporary to a more permanent ‘distanced’ society, it will only be more critical for organizations to keep supporting and connecting with their people,” Gill added. “What’s significant about these programs are that people are hungry for support and taking actions to improve their resilience and financial situation.”

On behalf of health plan, health system and employer clients, Welltok has deployed millions of essential COVID-19 communications including critical updates, remote care options, workplace safety, wellbeing resource awareness, and more. The company is uniquely positioned to target and engage individuals using multiple channels including text, email, automated calls (IVR), AI chatbot, social and direct mail, which are all delivered through HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified systems. If you're ready to get ahead of the impending financial and mental health crisis for your population, let's talk.