Webinar Recap: How CDPHP Took a Bite Out of Nutrition During COVID-19

By Welltok Marketing

Plans are telling us that it’s harder than ever to engage with members due to COVID. But as shared during a recent AHIP webinar, it’s still possible to engage members and drive important behavior changes as long as you have the right strategy, partners and programs in place.

Here are 3 takeaways from our in-depth discussion about driving behavior change around nutrition.

1. Having a solid member engagement strategy in place is critical

Before COVID, CDPHP had well-established partnerships in place with digital and telehealth organizations, including Welltok and Foodsmart. When the pandemic hit, this enabled the plan to quickly pivot and rapidly deploy COVID relevant content about food, stress-reduction, nutrition, work-from-home health, sleep, ergonomics to the people that needed them.

CDPHP said having these digital partnerships and outreach channels in place “were especially critical during this time where people didn’t know what to do and were worried to even go to the grocery store”. Members reinforced this through engagement in different types of programming, ranging from nutrition support to stress management.

2. It’s not enough to organize benefits; you have to guide members to boost engagement

As CDPHP put it, there’s no “California closet” approach to engaging members. It’s not enough to beautifully organize wellbeing programming, plans have to guide members to use them by targeting and engaging individual members with specific actions to complete. This means plans have to abandon the one-sized-fits-all approach and change how they deliver and engage members in programming.

CDPHP does this with Welltok by conducting targeted email, web and mobile app outreach to invite individual members across all of its lines of business (Commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid) to enroll in programs relevant to their current and future health risks. In some, but not all, instances, incentives are offered to boost engagement and action.

3. Driving behavior change is possible with the right partners

Prior to the pandemic, CDPHP, Welltok and Foodsmart were already partnering to engage members in using food as medicine to address conditions like pre-diabetes, diabetes and obesity. COVID-19 magnified the importance of offering this nutrition programming in a digital way, allowing members to initiate or continue work toward making healthy food choices from the safety of their own homes.

This key to driving members to take action is having the right mix of partners: an innovative health plan like CDPHP, an engagement partner like Welltok, and a digital health program like Foodsmart. By getting the right members into the right programs, CDPHP is seeing a consistent increase of 2-3% month-over-month new registrations in the program, even with a high baseline of members using it before the pandemic began.

You can revisit the full conversation between CDPHP, Foodsmart and Welltok here. You can also learn more about our Connect Partner Ecosystem that includes Foodsmart here.