How well do you know Jack? (new eBook)

By Welltok Marketing

How well do you really know Jack, aka your consumer? Under the current “sickcare” system, most of what is known about Jack is retrospective from claims and clinical data.

You are effectively missing 95% of the available information about Jack that will help you better understand, motivate and activate him.

Currently, the healthcare system looks at consumers from a clinical perspective, focused on diagnosis codes, claims history, biometric information, etc. This data is necessary, yet insufficient since a consumer is made up of multiple variables and dimensions.

To be successful, you also need to analyze available consumer data, including demographics, financial and buying habits. This allows you to create a more holistic view of Jack, which allows you to predict behaviors, impactability, and ultimately drive engagement with personalized guidance.

You might be surprised to learn how much you can know about Jack before he even interacts with the healthcare system. Our new eBook explores how to get a robust picture of Jack by combining hundreds of health, public and proprietary data resources to analyze and understand him. 

Download the eBook today to learn:

  • How to use advanced analytics to engage consumers
  • Must-have predictive analytics capabilities
  • 4 questions to evaluate your analytics quality