Making Sense of Employees’ Urgent Needs

By Welltok Marketing

In recent weeks, we’ve been inundated with articles highlighting alarming statistics of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people’s health. It’s a real challenge to keep up with the flood of warnings about what your employees are struggling with, not to mention the recommendations on what you should be doing to help them.

To help, here are 3 of our top takeaways on what experts are saying you need to know about supporting employee wellbeing now, and what you can do about it.

1. The need for mental health support is at an all-time high

TechRepublic reported that 1 in 3 employees are depressed as a result of the pandemic; an alarming statistic we should all pay attention to. While half of those who were offered mental health and wellbeing programs by their employer said they used them, half is not good enough.

What you can do? Drive higher engagement by going beyond a one-size-fits-all mental health offering. With Welltok, you can leverage our Connect Partner Ecosystem to easily add and launch new programs that cover the full spectrum of mental and emotional support needs. Our pre-vetted, pre-integrated partners include: BetterNight (virtual sleep support), eMindful (mindfulness solutions), Happify (science-based activities for stress), meQuilibrium (resilience training), SilverCloud (clinical mental health resources), Total Brain (neuroscience-based training exercises), and Workit Health (addiction treatment). Then make sure the right programs are getting to the right individuals, so they see them and are motivated to engage (see #2 for more on this.)

2. People need personalized support to address other (physical, financial and social) health challenges too

Benefits Pro recently highlighted that 1 in 5 adults worldwide will be affected by obesity by 2025. This is a good reminder that while it’s great to see increased focus on mental health, people still need help managing their physical, social and financial health too. Further, people need personalized, targeted communications to make sure they know about the programs that are available to them.

What you can do? First make sure your wellbeing program addresses all aspects of health. Then leverage a partner like Welltok who can apply predictive analytics and consumer data with SDOH insights to better understand who within your population is at risk for specific things, how they want to be reached (email, text, automated call, etc.), and who is likely to engage and take action. Personalizing wellbeing programs in this way works: 80% of employees told us that getting relevant offerings would motivate them to participate more.

3. Employers have a key role to play in the COVID-19 vaccination effort

The Business Group on Health published a lengthy report on what employers can do to support the vaccination effort. They offered multiple recommendations, including early communications about the COVID-19 vaccines.

What you can do? If you aren’t already, start communicating about the vaccines. Provide fact-based information about them and links to other resources for more information. When you are ready for that extra boost of support, Welltok can help you launch multi-channel, multi-cycle COVID-19 vaccine campaigns to drive education and awareness, as well as spark excitement, hope and anticipation of a better tomorrow.

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