Making the Case for Incentives

By Welltok Marketing

Consumers should be rewarded for healthy behaviors, according to a new infographic that makes the case for incentive driven healthcare. Welltok, the company that is pioneering health optimization to help consumers be as healthy as they can be, believes that incentives are essential to the success of health programs offered by health plans, governments or employers.

Payers, health systems, ACOs and other population health managers have an invested interest in encouraging healthy behavior among consumers. Last year, $2.7 trillion was spent on healthcare, and 75 percent of that was due to treating preventable condtions.

Research shows that consumers are motivated to change behaviors with the right incentives, such as reduction in their health premiums, contributions to health savings accounts or gift cards. Rewards rank as a top health trend in 2014, and companies are projected to spend nearly $600 per employee on incentives – a 15 percent increase from last year.

The government recognizes the power of incentives too. Under the Affordable Care Act, the maximum rewards allowed for health improvement programs increased to 30 percent of insurance premium, and as much as 50 percent for smoking cessation.

Bottom line - everyone wins when consumer health programs are aligned with rewards to drive healthy behaviors.