Mental Health is Finally Having its Moment

By Welltok Marketing

Mental health has always been an important aspect of wellbeing, but COVID-19 has elevated issues like burnout, anxiety, depression, and many others, across all populations.

With “I’m having a bad mental health day,” becoming a more comfortable thing to share, organizations of all types have a tremendous opportunity to step in and support mental health. But talking the talk is one thing; how can you go to walking the talk?

Here are 3 tangible ways to support mental health now.

Provide access to a breadth of resources - sleep, emotional support, EAP, etc.

A 2020 KFF Health Tracking Poll found many adults reporting specific negative impacts due to worry and stress over COVID-19, including difficulty sleeping (36%) or eating (32%), increases in alcohol consumption or substance use (12%), and worsening chronic conditions (12%).

With diverse issues like these, it’s clear a one-size-fits all approach to supporting mental health isn’t going to work. You can truly help by offering a range of programs – from your company-sponsored EAP to programming supporting things like resiliency, sleep, and substance use, among others.

Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem makes it easy to diversify your offerings by helping you quickly identify, add, launch and manage multiple programs under one streamlined contract. Want to learn more? Register for our webinar with SilverCloud Health to see how it works.


Remember your role in driving connections

With virtual work the norm for a lot of folks, HR teams are having to find new and creative ways to reach and engage their people. Humble brag about Welltok’s People team here (they rock!).

Within days of lockdown, Welltok began hosting weekly Café Barista meetings to keep people leaders connected and supported in managing teams through the change. Since then, they’ve launched a monthly learning and development series, a Corporate Café meeting for individual contributors, and even virtual Watercooler Chats to recreate some of the casual interactions that naturally would happen in an office setting.

Another fun thing Welltok did was execute a “Lucky to Have You” campaign around St. Patrick’s Day. This multi-channel, multi-cycle campaign focused on celebrating employees and creating a greater sense of community. It included a postcard, text, email, Action Card and banner ad on our total wellbeing platform – all of which drove employees to enter a secret code, “Lucky”, to earn points they could cash in for rewards. We saw great response with over 96% completion rate for those that joined the program! This campaign can be easily replicated, so give us a shout if you want the details on it.

Lucky to Have You CampaignDon’t forget the most important step – driving adoption and use of these programs

With mental health being such a deeply personal thing, the resources people will benefit from the most should be personalized too. Sending a single, generic email announcement about a new program isn’t going to drive the engagement you desire, or that your people will benefit from.

Working with Welltok, you can drive higher activation by leveraging data to identify who’s at highest risk (without compromising privacy); offering people targeted programs using multi-channel campaigns that run over a period of time; and even offering rewards to motivate them to start and sustain engagement.

We “drink our own champagne” too, like offering employees rewards to participate in a resiliency program offered by our Connect Partner meQuilibrium.

meQuillibriumMental health is a complex and critical part of wellbeing, and Welltok has a lot of solutions that can help make it easier for you to offer relevant resources that will make a difference. If you’re looking for help, let’s talk.

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