Racing to the Moon

By Welltok Marketing

HealthAmerica members walked a combined 450,000+ miles (enough miles to make it to the moon and back!). What would it take you to walk to the moon? For HealthAmerica members it was a combination of an engaging platform with access to communities, coaches and rewards.

As a leading health insurer in Pennsylvania, HealthAmerica aims to be a trusted resource and ally for healthcare consumers. This includes providing the tools needed to educate, motivate and reward its members to take healthier actions.

Using Welltok’s CaféWell, HealthAmerica created Race to the Moon, a program encouraging their members to get more exercise with weekly health challenges and step goals. Participants received free wireless pedometers, making it easy for them to track and report their steps – and the results were out of this world!

  • Over 7,000 members participated
  • 36% have become more health conscious about their diet
  • 68% started running or walking more every week

Not only did HealthAmerica members have fun, get moving and got rewarded, it also increased the plan’s brand affinity and ROI per member.

Discover a world of difference with CaféWell – download the HealthAmerica case study today!