So, What Is Consumer Activation Anyway?

By Welltok Marketing

Activating consumers – simply put, getting people to take a desired action – is the ultimate win for any marketing or product team, but it’s not as easy as television (ahem, Emily in Paris) makes it look.  


As the pioneer consumer activation company, Welltok has over a decade of experience getting people to take actions that matter like getting a vaccine, adhering to medications, choosing healthy behaviors or selecting insurance. Humble brag: we know a thing or two about what it takes to drive consumer activation. To demystify the consumer activation process, we asked our engagement experts to explain what makes a consumer activation solution stand out from traditional outreach methods or tools. Here’s what they said:

    • A broad data set. Consumer activation requires (spoiler alert!) consumer data including purchasing behaviors, household composition, demographics and more. This is because what people do in their everyday lives will tell you a lot about what makes them tick and who they are as individuals. It also accounts for the impact social determinants of health have on the consumer.
    • Advanced and predictive analytics. Machine learning makes it possible to analyze massive amounts of data for actionable insights. Machine learning and AI have emerged as an innovative and effective way to process thousands of data points and identify correlations like people who like in multi-unit dwellings are more likely to have COPD. These predictive models anticipate a consumer’s future needs and risks, as well as likelihood to engage, to position messages appropriately with the right resources via the most effective channels.
    • Targeted and personalized outreach. Once you know what people want, like and need, you can target them with messages about services and products that are relevant and will stand out to them. Personalizing outreach in this way will increase the chances your messages will be heard.
    • Coordinated messages that surround (but don’t smother). We’ve all been on the receiving end of too many messages from one organization, which ends up with us ignoring them completely. Finding the sweet spot of which channels to use, at what frequency, about what types of things and with the same call to action will all increase the impact of your outreach and boost engagement.
    • Integrated incentives. Everyone likes to get rewarded for taking action. Offering reasonable rewards – be it earning points, an instant rebate or gift card, or even a virtual badge – are integral components to any smart consumer activation strategy.
    • Real time reporting and adjustments. Doing all of the above is great, but only if you can quantify the actions completed and associated value. A consumer activation solution gives real-time insights about which programs to invest in,  drives engagement levels, and facilitates linking actions taken to real dollars saved or earned.

Welltok’s consumer activation solution is used by healthcare and related organizations to drive actions that matter. We’d like to help you reach, engage AND activate your targeted consumers too.

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