Survey Says: Welltok’s Wellbeing Platform is a Winner

By Welltok Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all types of things when it comes to health, like diet and exercise habits, anxiety and stress levels, financial security, and many others. More than anything, it has shined a light on how people are impacted differently by their personal situations and wellbeing programs need to be both holistic and adaptable in the same way humans are.

Improving people’s total wellbeing is Welltok’s mission and that could not be any more important right now. So, it is especially gratifying that people are finding value in what we deliver based on a survey of 10,000 users of our total wellbeing platform. Check out our key findings of the survey, which was conducted just before the COVID outbreak hit the U.S., so it’s likely that some of these stats would be even higher if conducted today. Short on time? Catch a summary of the findings in this infographic

  • 80% of people achieved their health and wellbeing goals better with a wellbeing platform than on their own. It can be easy to assume people will take steps to be healthy on their own, but the reality is that people need help.
  • 84% expect their sponsor to make a wellbeing platform available to them, and are more loyal and productive as a result. Doing the right thing – investing in a platform, and offering diverse types of resources – is valuable to the individual user and the company offering it.
  • Top 6 things people want support for include: eating healthy, being more active, getting more sleep, managing stress, being financially stable and avoiding getting sick. All of these needs have been elevated by COVID, and they are also needs that our curated Connect Partner Program addresses.
  • 85% of responders enjoy using their sponsored wellbeing platform and are seeing results. Respondents told us they have seen the most value in achieving weight loss, better nutrition, less anxiety/stress, more exercise, smoking cessation, more motivation to stay healthy, lower blood pressure and better managed finances.

Anecdotally, we also heard things like:

  • “The platform has helped me become more aware of how many factors impact my overall health and wellbeing, i.e. stretching to prevent back pain all the way to managing my finances better.
  • “Using CaféWell has allowed me to become a better person overall. I have been more present with my children due to the programs I have completed.
  • “I had terrible eating habits. Now I’m eating much healthier and it has given me more energy to do things like join a gym. I’m getting stronger every day and I’m on track to a healthier version of me!”
  • “The sleep program absolutely changed my view on sleep cycles and benefits of a good night’s rest. I’m sleeping 9 hours a night with increased exercise with emphasis on cardio.”

With high marks from our end-users and clear value in improving total wellbeing, Welltok can help you and your population during these tough times and beyond. Contact us to learn more about improving or launching your wellbeing program.

Welltok Platform User Survey 2020