That's so 2019… 4 New Budget Trends for 2021

By Welltok Marketing

Whether we want to admit it or not, 2021 will look more like this year than 2019. With 2021 budget planning starting, we are helping current clients and prospects strategize on the best ways to allocate dollars to engage people in a disconnected world.

For example, we’ve heard that cancelling some standard tactics like health fairs due to COVID didn’t have the anticipated negative impact on consumer experiences. Based on our success making critical connections, we are providing guidance on alternatives to improve engagement.

We want you to make smart investments next year too, so here are 4 trends we’re helping health plans, employers and health systems work into their 2021 budgets.

Increased focus on mental health - The pandemic is taking a toll on people’s mental health, and you are in a position to help. We’ve helped clients strengthen their wellbeing programs by adding new mental health resources and are seeing value with over 70% completion rates in a digital resilience training program and overall month-over-month increases in demand for mental health programming.

Data from the Business Group on Health report that almost 90% of employers plan to offer access to digital mental health resources in the coming benefit year. This is great news. The challenge organizations now face is sifting through the hundreds of available programs, choosing which to invest in, and then quickly making them available to individuals that want and need them. The even better news, we can help!

Proof point: Welltok makes it simple to add mental health programs through our Connect Partner Ecosystem.

Coordinated multi-channel communications - Hundreds of healthcare executives have told us it’s harder than ever to engage with people. Yet, it’s more important than ever to connect in today’s disconnected COVID world.

Did you know you can boost engagement with outreach by 300% by using 4 or more channels in a coordinated way? Our clients are having success using text and IVR (automated voice) to connect with people through channels and formats they regularly use in their daily lives.

Proof point: Our new eBook “New Ways to Connect in a Disconnected World” explains the power of multi-channel communications.

Greater reliance on SDOH insights - Before COVID-19, health risks were largely determined by past clinical interactions. With visits down significantly due to the pandemic, organizations need to look elsewhere for clues to determine what risks and needs exist today. This is possible by incorporating SDOH insights.

Organizations can tap into the power of SDOH insights – many of which changed overnight for people - by incorporating consumer data into their analyses that determine health risks. Our consumer database includes 1,000 variables and covers 285M American lives. Using predicative analytics, we empower our clients to better target and engage individuals by offering them relevant resources that meet their personal needs and interests.

Proof point: See what consumers think about SDOH in our voice of the consumer report.

Motivation to close gaps in care - People delayed all types of care because of COVID-19, putting their long-term health and your business at risk. To avoid “medical distancing”, they need extra reassurance and nudging to come back in for appointments to get vaccines, preventive screenings and chronic care management.

Putting SDOH data and predictive analytics in the driver’s seat, we empower our clients to not only target members with gaps, but also the ones who would be most receptive to outreach and most likely to take action. We also help clients integrate compliant rewards and incentives to add that extra boost of motivation needed to get people to close gaps.

Proof point: See how one plan closed 48% of diabetes gaps for over 109K members.

As much as we want return to the way things were in 2019, next year is going to be another new reality. Welltok is here to help you learn from 2020 and adapt for a successful new year. Let’s talk so you make the most of your 2021 budget.

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