The Secret to Engaging Baby Boomers

By AnneMarie Gramling

It’s no secret that as baby boomers age into Medicare, the stakes to acquire, retain and engage members escalates. The opportunity is big and I’m proud to say that Welltok is already delivering on the challenge. We are seeing increases in engagement of up to 40% through the use of an advanced process that combines robust predictive analytics and best practice multi-channel communications. 

Last week, I teamed up with my colleague Phil Fiero, aka Welltok's Data Hero, to share the secret behind our process. Click here for a replay of the full session or read on for my Top 5 Tips for Engagement Success.

 PS: this process works for commercial, ACA and Medicaid populations, too!

Top 5 Tips for Engagement Success

>>> TIP #1: Connected Consumer Knowledge 

A major shift is occurring in the amount of data we can leverage in healthcare. Historically, we used clinical and claims data, which only determine a small portion of an individual’s health status. Today, we know it’s important to integrate lifestyle and behavior data with those traditional data sources to create a complete view of the consumer. Our proprietary database analyzes and correlates over 800 variables on 275M Americans. Utilizing Welltok’s machine learning and proprietary consumer data drills into the specific aspects of our daily lives that have the greatest impact on our health and likelihood to engage.

CASE STUDY: See how one plan reduced disenrollment and increased star ratings by using advanced data sources

>>> TIP #2: Individual-Level Intelligence 

No two people in your population are the same. That’s why it is critical to utilize individual-level consumer intelligence – rather than an aggregated population view – to drive program design and engagement strategy. Focusing on individual-level intelligence renders the highest likelihood of success as it surfaces insight on the best program, most effective engagement strategy and preferred channel. That means you can deliver the right resources, to the right people, at the right time – creating a more efficient use of resources and improving efforts to close gaps in care

CASE STUDY: See how one plan increased star ratings and medication adherence by using a personalized approach

>>> TIP #3: Transparency and Flexibility 

When utilizing predictive models, transparency and flexibility are not negotiable. You should always have a clear and direct line of sight into the work and know exactly what you’re putting into the models and what you’re getting out of them. If inputs and outputs are not aligning, you need to be flexible and quick to pivot to achieve the right outcomes.

>>> TIP #4: Sophisticated Multi-Channel Communications Technology 

A multi-channel solution that tailors communications on an individual level will drive sustained engagement. Leveraging consumer data and communication preferences means you can deploy the most cost-effective methods to the right targets and drastically decrease consumer tune-out.

For the last 15 years, Welltok has been using test and learn methodology to ensure our multi-channel communications are truly best in class. And, we know what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Some of the insights we’ve collected over the year might surprise you:


CASE STUDY: See how one plan increased star ratings and closed gaps in care by using a multi-channel outreach approach

>>> TIP #5: Learn and Optimize

Constant learning and optimization is key to engagement success. In today’s market, you don’t have time for a lengthy wait to find out if targeted approaches are actually impacting a population. Partner with an expert like Welltok, who constantly evaluates and modifies strategies as we learn more about your populations.

 Want more? Click here to watch a replay of the webinar and learn how to give your engagement strategy a boost.