What is Financial Wellness?

Health and wealth are intimately related – and as employers look for ways to move forward in a COVID world, the need for financial stability and support cannot be ignored. This is why Welltok and Prudential Financial have partnered up to provide employers with the integrated wellbeing approach they desire. Learn more about financial wellness below AND join this interactive session for more on how the pandemic is creating financial distress and how you can provide support.

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3 Tips for More Successful Flu Vaccine Programs

As we enter the last few weeks of summer, many of us are savoring one last beach trip, barbecue, and bonfire before the days start getting shorter, and kids go back to school. But as healthcare professionals, we know that August also means it's time to start preparing for the upcoming flu season.

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Leveraging HRAs to Gain SDOH Insights

Gone are the days of ignoring social determinants of health. To stay relevant in a COVID world, organizations must use all of the data available—including clinical and claims records, individual-provided information and consumer data—to accurately understand a person’s health risks and needs.


At Welltok, we work with Wellsource to conduct Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) for our clients’ populations. Then we combine HRA data with our proprietary consumer data, including SDOH, to better understand the whole person and identify the best resources to offer them. See below to read Wellsource’s recent blog post to see how the HRA process works.  

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Study Shows: MA Plans Miss the Mark When it Comes to Member Communication

J.D. Power recently answered MA plan's burning questions like "How can health plans better understand their members’ needs and expectations when it comes to communicating with them throughout their relationship with the plan?" and "How can they learn from best-in-class processes put in place by other health plans?"

Their U.S. Medicare Advantage Study examines the experiences of more than 3,000 members of the largest Medicare Advantage plans in the United States. Since Welltok works with the three health plans that have the highest member satisfaction score in the report, we thought it would be valuable to share the findings. See below for the full summary by RISE Health. 

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How Text Messages Boost Member Engagement, COVID-19 Outreach

Colorado Access utilized Welltok's text message technology to push out member engagement and outreach messages pertaining to COVID-19 and, more recently, reopening. Krista Beckwith, the senior director of Population Health and Quality at Colorado Access, recently sat down with Patient EngagementHIT to discuss how they did it. See below for the full article. 

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And then COVID…How Your Peers Responded

The first half of 2020 was a blur, with more conversations than we want to admit ending with “and then COVID.” But when you pause and think about it, there are silver linings that came out of COVID-19 too. Among them, innovative approaches health plans, employers and health systems have adapted and used to respond to the changing health and wellbeing needs of the populations they serve.

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