The Impact of Missed Appointments (And What You Can Do About It)

One of the unfortunate consequences of medical distancing due to COVID-19 has been a dramatic decline in the number of preventive screenings and visits. On a panel at the RISE Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit, our client American Cancer Society called attention to the impact of these missed appointments: an initial 46% decrease in newly diagnosed patients with 6 common types of cancer (i.e. breast, colorectal, lung, pancreatic, gastric, and esophageal). As the American Cancer Society highlighted, these missed cancers will still be diagnosed eventually, but likely at a later stage and with worse prognosis.  

By Welltok Marketing

How One Health System Used Patient Outreach to Cut ED Visits

Annie Bonzer, Altru Health's director of marketing and public relations, sat down with Patient Engagement HIT  to discuss how she partnered with Welltok to drive clinic traffic with a multi-channel campaign. See below for the full article. 

By Welltok Marketing

Survey Respondents: 69% Say They Want to get COVID-19 Vaccine

Welltok recently asked 1,000 adults across the U.S. what they really think about the COVID-19 vaccine. For a summary of the findings, check out the below article from HealthLeaders, who interviewed Welltok's Chief Strategy Officer, April Gill, for a quick a recap. 

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Financial Wellness Tips for the New Year

Getting your financial house in order is one of the most common new year resolutions. We invited our financial wellness partner, Prudential, to share some tips to get you started. 

By Vishal Jain, Head of Financial Wellness Strategy & Development at Prudential

So, What Is Consumer Activation Anyway?

Activating consumers – simply put, getting people to take a desired action – is the ultimate win for any marketing or product team, but it’s not as easy as television (ahem, Emily in Paris) makes it look.  

By Welltok Marketing

Two Futurists Weigh in on 2021 Health Predictions

Jeff Margolis, Chairman of the Board at Welltok, and Sam Glick, Health and Life Sciences Partner at Oliver Wyman, recently teamed up to discuss and debate what we learned from this year and how it will change the course of healthcare as we know it.

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