WATCH: 3 Tips to Reengage & Retain Members (5 min)

By Welltok Marketing

In a COVID world, being proactive with members is now more important than ever to support total wellbeing and build loyalty. Now is the time to be reaching out and reengaging members, especially as the window for voluntarily disenrollment during AEP nears. 

In today’s age, connecting with members and proving value to them requires a more sophisticated approach using data, strategic outreach, and support. Use these tips from our retention expert, John Coleman, to predict and get in front of members who are likely to disenroll before it's too late.

Welltok’s Member Retention Solution uses data and analytics to predict exactly who who’s going to disenroll, so you can proactively reach out to them and keep them engaged. Contact us to get started while there is still time to change their minds.