Webinar: Why Personalization is Key to Driving Consumer Engagement & Retention

By Welltok Marketing

As healthcare evolves to a more consumer-centric model, population health managers are under extreme pressure to engage with their members on an individual level. Yet, how can they provide a personalized experience to the masses? The answer is cognitive computing. The technology that famously won Jeopardy! is revolutionizing personalized healthcare and enabling population health managers to help consumers optimize their health and navigate their benefits.

For consumers to take action, they need personalized guidance and incentives.

By providing relevant, on-demand support in language consumers understand and respond to, population health managers can:

  • Keep their members healthy, happy and out of the sickcare system
  • Build a deeper and more meaningful relationship
  • Drive better outcomes and improve healthcare value

View our webinar below and learn about the power of cognitive computing in consumer health!