Wellbeing vs. Wellness: Is There Really a Difference?

By Welltok Marketing

When it comes to corporate wellness programs, wellness and wellbeing are often used interchangeably. But for those of us in the business, we know there’s a big difference.

    • Corporate wellness programs typically focus on a person’s physical state—think activity challenges and step trackers.
    • Corporate wellbeing programs are much more comprehensive, supporting not only physical health but also mental, financial and social health too.  

Another way to think of it is that an employee total wellbeing program will include wellness programs as well as many other types of programs and resources that all drive toward a healthier population. Wellness programs offers by employers can create more loyal, motivated and productive employees in addition to making them overall happier and healthier. Organizations that have evolved their wellness program to encompass all facets of wellbeing drive higher employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

Welltok is focused on wellbeing. Here’s a real-world scenario to explain why.

Employees today are under a lot of stress. Is it solely due to COVID, trying to balance being a parent, employee and teacher at the same time? No; according to BenefitsPro, the number one source of stress is money. While some stress is OK, sustained high levels of stress can cause alarming health issues like depression, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks and stroke. But the way to address or prevent stress due to money worries isn’t taking a yoga class or a prescription medication – it’s addressing the root source of the stress, which is minimizing worries about money by offering education, tools and resources that support financial health. If this approach isn’t taken, there will be a missed opportunity to improve health by ignoring the impact of money worries.

So what if you’re offering an employee wellness program today?

That’s great; keep it up because healthy bodies are important. But it's important to go beyond just physical health. According to the Business Group on Health’s 2020 Employee Wellbeing Mindset Study, top wellbeing priorities for employees cross all five dimensions of health, and more employees than ever say employer-sponsored wellbeing programs, tools and information are valuable to their company and to them personally. Employers who evolve to offer a corporate wellbeing program will meet employee expectations, driving higher employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

This is what Welltok is passionate about – providing individuals the total wellbeing support they need and our clients the value in the wellbeing investments they’ve made.

Wellbeing’s moment is here, and we’d like to help you keep up with it. Connect with our wellbeing experts here to get started.